What a difference 9 weeks make

What a difference 9 weeks make

I've done it. Today I completed my third 30 minute run, although of course I didn't cover anything like 5k unless you count the warm up and warm down walks. When I thought about starting the programme I was encouraged by all the people who said things like, "if I can do it, so can anyone." I am saying the same;:it really works; I am 64 and I found week 1 as tough as anybody.

The most pleasing part of this is, that I tried running about five years ago when we first moved to Hastings. I noticed there were lots of joggers along the sea front and thought I would give it a go, put on some trainers and set off, only to give up all puffed and out of breath about two or three minutes later, when I concluded that running was not for me.

I can now run non stop for 30 minutes; this morning with the sun shining,and the sea all sparkly and blue I even almost enjoyed it.

I think it unlikely I will ever get to run fast enough to cover the 5k in the 30 minutes; sadly I have to accept that I cannot run as fast as runners 40 years younger than me. But I do find satisfaction in overtaking the walkers. My next challenge is to run 5k non stop. Before I started this morning I wondered if I would keep going after the 30 minutes mark to see whether I could do it, but Laura saying "that is it, you can slow down", was just too tempting. So that is for another day. Thank you to all of you who have been so supportive, thank you to the NHS for organising this and to Laura for being the voice of encouragement. If you are considering starting - give it a go. You really will feel all the better for it.

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  • Ring out the bells, orchestra, cymbals, roll of drums. Well done and many congratulations. You've done the work now you are reaping the reward. Don't forget to apply for your badge - you've earned it. Enjoy a couple of days nice rest and relaxation. Have a brilliant bank holiday weekend, good luck with your post-grad runs and very best wishes.

  • p.s. Count the warm up and warm down walks - you done 5K. Cheers.

  • Thank you FItmo. It's a great feeling.Have a great bank holiday weekend too.Enjoy the running.

  • well done, I love all these positive posts from ' older ' runners ( i am 67 ) it gives me encouragement. I am on week 2 and trying so hard to get to R1W3 but my knees are hurting so in a rest period. Please let us know how running with out Laura goes

  • My knees hurt in the first couple of weeks and I was quite worried that it would get worse and force me to stop.I had gait analysis done and bought proper running shoes. It was all quite a business; the shop had me run up and down on the pavement with my trousers rolled up. I must have run to a particular lamp post and back over a dozen times. There was a cafe nearby and I felt a complete idiot. But it was worth it. It turns out that I have a tendency to roll inwards. With the right kind of support, my knees started feeling better immediately, though it still took a couple of weeks for them to stop complaining.

    I don't intend to run without Laura for a bit - I still need her telling me she knows I can do it. My task for the weekend is to work out how to download music to my phone so I can at least have some different tunes.

  • That's fantastic, well done! The picture looks lovely, a great place to run. I am sure you will get faster over time, its surprising what improvements can be made. But, the main thing is to keep on enjoying yourself x

  • Thank you - it actually seemed a little easier today than at the beginning of the week;so I'm hoping.

  • It is never too late to recover (some) vigour of youth and of course being more mature, we appreciate it so much more. Congratulations. Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Absolutely we appreciate it - as Shaw (I think) said "youth is wasted on the young."

  • Fantastic achievement. Something to be really proud of :)

  • Bravo Azores. I'm so very pleased for you. Your badge looks right at home next to your name. And as for your photo, well it looks good enough in Hastings to tempt me back to the UK - it looks fabulous.

    I can relate so well to your bit about trying to run before and giving up. I did exactly the same. But with the structure of the couch 25k programme, it's been a different ball game altogether. There must be so many things in life that we could achieve if presented in the right format!

    Enjoy revelling in your new found and well deserved status.


  • Thank you. Where are you based? - somewhere where wisteria grows very well!

  • I live in France, which is fabulous, but I'm a long long way from the sea, so your photo is very tempting!

  • Azores that is BRILLIANT news! Well done. I was like you a few years ago, I thought I would take up running. Put on some dodgy trainers, ran about 200m into the park and had to stop by a hedge and nearly died! It wasn't until, like you, I discovered c25k and started the program. It's so sensible, that ANYONE can do it. The key is to not go mad isn't it? Take it easy is the answer and believe me, you will crack the 5K non stop soon. Just keep running 3 times per week and it will come. Well done once again.

  • Well done !! It's such an achievement:-) your photo is just lovely and I wish I was beside the beach. I'm in Glasgow where it's dry but no lovely blue sky. Enjoy running xx

  • Thank you; I was lucky for the final run of the programme - almost perfect conditions yesterday. It sometimes gets pretty windy by the sea. I think I am going to have to find some inland running routes once we get into autumn.

  • Congratulations - I bet you feel amazing - and what a lovely day and place to be doing your graduation run!

  • Fantastic.. WELLDONE ..

    It's such an amazing feeling of "I did it!!"

    What a feeling of achievement and celebration of your journey from Wk1 to now..

    Have a fantastic time and enjoy yourself.. X

  • Well done Azores, inspiring stuff ! Wear your badge with pride, you've earned it ! :-) Good luck and best wishes on your future runs xx

  • Absolutely fantastic Azores. Congratulations. Its a great feeling isn't it. What a great post. Lovely photo, I am very jealous as I have done most of my running on the treadmill at the gym. Good luck with your future runs. I am going to have a go at the couch to 5k+ podcasts but just repeated w9 for my first post grad run. Happy running.

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