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What a difference a week makes


My run last Tuesday with the running club was absolutely horrible...for the first 30 mins I wanted to cry and give up. That's sweltering heat and too many hills for you but I did keep going. As my legs have been really achey / sore for the last week I made the sensible decision not to do the parkrun on Saturday and rested up. As I was itching to get out I did do a gently 20 minutes on Sunday which was great restored my faith that I can run although still very very slowly.

Well last night was run club again and it was fab! The first half is always a little tough as it has quite a few hills but loved it loved it loved it and had a great run (with some walking!). To top it all off went to the pub for a quick one (orange juice and lemonade for me as I had the car) but it was nice and social. And the best thing is my legs don't hurt today.. a little achey as they should be but not sore! Bring on the Saturday's park run I am ready for you!

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Great - glad you enjoyed it again :)


Great news - well done! You have your mojo back again :D


This sounds like so much fun! I'd love to join one at some point, but think I will have to wait a bit.


YAY!!! A week off makes a helluva difference. I have decided to take a week off every 12 weeks, because a good deep rest seems to allow muscles to really mend and get stronger. So how long are you running these days if the first 30 mins are hard?!?

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That's not a bad idea Chris.


If I do 5k probably just under 38 mins but with the run club we are out for an hour or just over. Not running the whole time as need to walk a bit but we cover around 4.5-5miles (go me!)

Amazing - you are still getting the big jumps in stamina that we got after one week of running for a minute! Really good news. Sounds like they are nice people as well.


Glad you enjoyed your run and that you will be able to do the parkrun this week.

I think they are all doing an additional parkrun on Tuesday morning to celebrate the jubilee and ours is doing a sort of picnic afterwards so plan to do that as I am away on Saturday.

Friday evening will be good because I am going to do my favourite coastal run from Milford to Keyhaven and back - the one I used to graduate :)


I'm glad to here the fun is back :D

I did cry last week and wanted to give up and go home within 10 minutes of every run, it was the heat :(

My pace is about the same as yours. Run club isn't about time though is it? I find it's about enjoying it with others and progressing without even noticing till I check my app afterwards.

How was the pub with the strangers? Scarey? I take it you got to know a few so well done you :)

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I've decided not to worry about distance / pace etc on the weekly run club run...just going out and doing what i can as i'll see progress as i reduce the amount of times i need to walk!

the people i went to the pub with were the ones in my group that i've met over the last 4 weeks so wasn't scarey. don't think i'd have gone if they'd not been there. they are a really nice bunch and i was making them laugh as when we were running down hill i spread my arms out and shouted Wheeeeeeeee....all good fun!! think they must be beginning to realise i've got a screw loose!!!


lol nutter ;)

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