Couch to 5K

The highs & lows of running - and some runs just aren't that good -Laura's right!

After graduating I decided to try & push the boundaries a bit. Followed advice I read here - thanks everyone - and had about 4 runs consolidating my ability to run for 30 mins without wheezing louder than the trains round here. So I moved on to using the stepping podcast - that was useful.

However I wanted to try for the 5k so on Friday took myself out a bit further, up the hill, past the river, up another hill (slowly!) and then ignored Laura and kept going till the tracker said 5k! Soooo pleased with myself although weary afterwards. Out to celebrate husband's recent birthday on Friday night (secretly I was celebrating my 5k 🍷🍷🍷!)

But today's run ....had a go at the speed podcast. Was ok with the interval running but Laura stops after about 20 mins. I wanted to keep going so did, but could not get much longer than 30 mins & 4 k this time. I know 11 weeks ago that seemed WOW 30 mins but felt a bit disappointed. Maybe trying to run with no music and no podcast didn't help? So yes, Laura, as usual you are right - not all runs feel good. Hubby can't understand my disappointment cos I completed the podcast, but 4K & 30 mins just didn't seem a good run any more😔 Anyone else recognise this?

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Someone just told me to start thr app again but instead of walking run faster. Interval training. I thought it was a good idea as ive been struggling too after graduating


I did the Stepping Stones podcast on Friday and only got to 4K which put me on the equivalent of week 5 so while slightly disappointed had a read of other comments about stepping stones and seems quite normal and the speed podcast is quite short anyway am going to try the stamina one which is about 40 minutes but can't do that in the morning will have to wait until I come home from work

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Thanks manofkent - will try that next run.

Couldn't restart my podcast as it was set to delete when finished 😁 And hadn't downloaded another one in case ... Won't make that mistake again!


I build those podcasts into a run, if I do them. Run for a bit, do the podcast, run on. In any case I always stop and do a couple of leg stretches at the ebd of my run, then rejuvenated by that I always finish on an all out sprint because it makes me feel good. You don't have to just do the podcast, you can work around it and adapt it a bit. If you want to be sure you run 5k, just keep on running afterwards. You can also slow run for longer before starting the podcast or do the podcast. Stop have a breather and run full out to the next lamp post, walk from there to the next, run again all out to the next. Slow down to your cool down walk.

Some shorter runs are actually good for your running though. It is hard to get your mind around because we always think further and faster is the way to go but apparently training doesn't work like that.


Thanks - that's really helpful. Up to now I've not had to think about how to mix & match stuff to keep training.


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