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Wk9 R3 and so disappointed..

Today should have been my graduation run. I set out quite keen, got through the difficult bit of the hill in the first 7 minutes. Then about 10 minutes into the run, just stopped, I couldn't run on any further , the gremlins won.. I carried on with the route running and walking in stages so still completed 5k but not running all the way. This was my first failure of the whole course so a little disappointed. Maybe its because I've been every other day for the last 10 days so this was my 6th long run and my body just gave up. I still find the breathing quite a struggle.

It was also my first run without Laura, so I think I missed waiting for the updates on how far I got. Next run will be with Laura despite the music. :)

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Don't be disappointed. Sounds to me that you have been doing loads in the last 10 days. Maybe your body did just need a bit more recovery.

Trust Laura - you have already done this run twice so you know that you can do it.

Just think - its amazing really that you got to the last run of the programme before you had your blip. I'm sure many people have had a blip at some point, and probably before Wk9R3!

Good Luck for your next go at the run.


Hi Lizzyca

This is my first post on here but you've inspired me to speak up! :-)

I've recently reached Week 8 - 28 mins plus running the 5 minutes cool down - so a grand total of 33 minutes, then dropped back to having some really rubbish runs where I could only manage 5 minutes!

Tuesday night went out with a friend round our local park run track to try it out and managed about 3 minutes before I had to stop and walk! Ended up on the kids swings!

So last night, ate very little during the day (almost on the 5:2 fasting diet but not very strictly) and managed to do 28 minutes again although I was gasping for the last 5 minutes.

It's taken me from January to get to this stage and I really do have up and down days with it but if I eat lunch in the day that seems to make me feel heavy and exhausted when running.

I'm determined to keep at it and may eventually manage the three Week 9 runs and graduate. I have the Race for Life 5k on 19th June at Wolverhampton so that's a target I'd like to achieve - to run the whole thing.

Keep at it and don't be despondent. Look back at how amazingly you've done. Now if I have a failed run, I turn it into a nice walk instead, turn Laura off and put McFly on! :-) It's all exercise after all!


Hi think you've done brilliantly to not have a blip before! Mine was week 7 run 3. I've avoided that route for the next couple of runs (which both went well) but I wanted to calibrate my iPod and it's the only route I know the accurate length of. I did it this morning, to my own music rather than Laura, and it went fine :-)

The odd LOUSY run doesn't make you a failure!


Thanks for all your comments and I'm pleased I inspired you to blog Clueless :). I am really pleased with myself for getting far never thought I would do it. I will try the final run again, though not sure if I should do it tomorrow morning as I'm working late, or whether to have a bit longer rest. I'm away for the weekend so won't be able to run till Monday evening. Think I'll see how weather goes and if its too warm tomorrow morning I'll wait till Monday, really don't want to fail again. :) Good luck with your race for life C.


Have you tried MapMyRun? it tells you each time you get to a kilometre.

I graduated last week. Every time I go out, my legs feel like dead weights for the first 5 minutes. Between 5-20 minutes it's OK, but then it's jolly hard work for the rest. So perhaps it's worth persevering through the initial "my body won't do this"?


Thanks Tribal I don't have the technology for the apps, but that does sound useful so I may invest. I always get the gremlins up to about 10 mins but yesterday they just took over, not sure what happened tbh I just stopped without even thinking about


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