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W9R2 Outside versus the Treadmill


When I got home from work today it was still light outside and the temps were pretty mild so I figured I'd run outside instead of in the gym like I've been doing for awhile. I know running outside is very different than running on the treadmill, but I could tell if I started to run too fast so then I'd dial it down.

I know the treadmill gets a lot of flack but I really think it's helped me to know my pace. I know how fast I can run to make it the long haul but I also know how fast I can push myself without dying.

I took a route that I'd only ever cycled and once I got halfway I took a turn forgetting that there was a hill on my way back home. Yikes!! I struggled up it, but when I got down the other side there was a man walking on the path up ahead. "I'll just pass him," I thought to myself, but when I looked up again, the man was the same distance away. He was tall and lanky and his walking strides equalled to my running!! I followed him for my last ten minutes and in the final 60 seconds I finally had a dash to get passed him for my own satisfaction. He then passed me two seconds later as I started my cooldown.

I used runkeeper for the first time too but it didn't work too well with my C25K app as I couldn't hear over my music and Laura. But I guess I won't need to after my next run because I'll be a graduate!!

PS- my new shoes are still amazing :)

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Good for you. It can be hard adapting to outside pacing after the treadmill but it sounds as if you managed really well. Just one more run! Fab stuff!


You must admit, it's more fun running outside! Well done.

I hope you have something special planned for graduation!

sulandersonGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

My husband is coming with me tomorrow for my last run. It will be my first time running with anyone else but I'm really looking forward to it. Now I just need to find a route without massive hills :)

Well done. Just one more to go....

I think once the clocks change and the weather improves you will enjoy doing your now longer runs outside. More to look at, a feeling of getting somewhere and no clock watching.

I know what you mean about gaining stamina on the treadmill though with that regular steady pace.

I laughed when you mentioned your pedestrian, sometimes when I'm running towards a walker they sort of slow done and move to the side, and I think 'eyup I'm not there yet..I'm not going that fast'.... lol

Speed really isn't the issue though it's keeping going that's important.

Good luck with your graduation run be it inside or out. :)

sulandersonGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

I am really looking forward to running outside when it's warmer and lighter. I'm going home to Florida in April so I'll have to see how I can handle the tropical heat. Eek. I feel the same way when people get out of the way for me. I sprint to get past and then immediately regret it!

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