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Banish my bad run by blogging for everyone to see

Hi everyone,

I'm just posting to banish my horendous run yesterday, in order to spring out of bed in the morning and get back to managing 5K in 30 minutes.

Since gradiating i've slipped a little. Not coming on here as much, only running twice a week (it's cold/wet/raining, i'm tried/poorly etc etc), running to my own music (not good)

Yesterday i went out on a route i know well, 4.8K along a cycle track. It was awful i kept getting a really bad stitch, not breathing properly and having to stop, about 6 time in all, Shocking!. My legs hurt and my music did my head in so i turned it off.

All in all in was rubbish. I was really looking forward to going out (really) but i got back and wished i hadn't bothered.

I know that a bad run is better than no run at all BUT i'm really hoping that with the week 9 podcast, a bit of motivation and having booked my running slots in for this week I be back in stride in no time. Ooh and I brought a shiney new running top this afternoon

Sometimes it's hard but keep running everyone

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Forget about it - put on your shiney new top and look forward to a better run next time. I've gone back to listening to Laura and Week 9 - it really does help me and the music isn't too bad. Her words of encouragement and the time updates really do help.

Good that you have your running slots set up for the week - just go out and enjoy yourself [and hopefully it won't rain!]

Good luck!


Thanks mothergoose glad to see I'm not alone in finding comfort with Lauras encouragement


Well it worked a managed my usual distance (5k) during the session and didn't find it as hard. I even smiled when 'Julie' came something I never though I'd say


Good for you alliec. Isn't it crazy how bad a "bad run" leaves us feeling? We all go through it. You feel so irrationally angry and disappointed with yourself, and wish it had never happened. You know in your heart that its only temporary, but can't get over it until you do a "good run". Welcome back from your journey to the dark side!


Think I'm lurking at the edges of the dark side! My story sounds very similar to yours, alliec! I think I'll try using Week 9 podcast again - hadn't thought of that! Thanks and best wishes! ??


I'm in a similar sort of place, allie - graduated, felt on top of the world, let it slip slightly - and then suddenly, illness, holidays, bad weather, worse weather, work and less running. However, you did well to get out there - back up to 5k, well done! See, shiny new tops help enormously :) I hope your next run is as good as this one.


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