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Couch to 5K
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Week9 - I had my doubts but I made it

So, I an new here, but I wanted to share with anyone else out there who is just starting out on couch to 5k and doesn't think it will work, it does. I am overweight, and hadn't exercised in a few years following a previous knee injury. So when I was encouraged to give it a try I was convinced that the programme was designed for younger/slimmer/fitter people than me, and didn't think I would make it.

For the first few weeks I found it really hard work, my knee niggled me, my shins hurt. But I kept going. And was quite strict about moving forward, occasionally allowing myself to repeat an individual run if I was really tired or under the weather. And 10 weeks later I am on week 9.

I am still not running fast, but am running nonstop for 30mins which I never thought would be possible a few weeks ago. So, if I can do it, you can too.

My advice is just keep going, and don't let yourself give in to the inevitable excuses to give up.

Now I want to build up to actually Running 5k. But now, I think I can.

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Yup, believe in ourselves and we can achieve amazing things! Strike up the band! You are right to be proud, 30 mins running is some achievement Grumpygoddess ! I've still got 5 stone to shed and was overjoyed when I graduated :D ! Need to get yourself a shiny new graduate badge from the pinned posts section...xx

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Lovely post! Well done, you are nearly there now!๐Ÿ˜€


..sorry if I misread. Just seen the first reply - are you at the beginning of W9 or the end?!๐Ÿ™‚


My graduation run will be tomorrow!


Brilliant well done. I found at first doing C25K my legs and joints ached more but I hardly notice now. It does get easier such that now I can run for best so far is 44 minutes for about 6 1/4 K. do 5K in about 35 minutes. I'm not bothered about speed but I do experiment when I drop down to 5K with podcast etc to make it interesting.

My main aim (as I've bored others with this quote) as I said to my myself "My aim was to run for 30 minutes, anything else is a bonus". As you run a bit longer your stamina builds up such that when I drop down to 5K it is easier and I never have a bad run.

I regularly (as one of my 3 runs per week) run 4 1/4K to work that takes about 28 to 29 minutes. It is my most reliable commute and do it always around about that time. I usually cycle but don't have to worry about punctures or traffic jams !

Nearly a year running now and is such a good habit that I don't want tot give up. I'm more physically and mentally alert and avoided a potential future on medication !

I'm very gradually increasing my time. I have no ambitions to do marathons , but good luck to those that do, I nay only do at most 1 hour of running not very fast but that's fine for me.

Anyway as they say take it steady there's no rush ! Happy running !

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