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W3 R3 done. Cannot wait for week 4

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I have to admit, I became obsessed with diet and these runs. I think my friend will start hating me. So 3 weeks done, 6 to go. I am still full of optimism :) we all can do it :)

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I head out for W3R3 shortly - just before lunch is my usual time. Not really been looking forward to it - my legs and back ache - but I'm sort of looking forward to next week as I will have my new running shoes by then :-) And new leggings and top, so maybe I'll actually look a bit like a runner, rather than a middle aged woman whose missed the bus!

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Natalia00 in reply to KJR60

When I decided I will start this running things I told myself that I won't buy anything for the first week or two. I bought myself insoles, cause cannot really afford new shoes for now, bought a running bra and jogging trousers, cause you can always use it for walks etc. Last week I bought my first proper ( at least I think that) running t-shirt and wee funny bag:) I think that's it for now. I will buy new shoes but not after I will finish this challenge:) I am sure you look nothing like middle age lady who missed a bus :) you will be fine today:)

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KJR60Graduate in reply to Natalia00

Bra was my first essential! Got my shoes at 25% of cost in Mountain Warehouse clearance - I think I needed some because I'm sure my old tatty trainers weren't helping my painful legs! Now heading out the door - I am determined to complete this course!

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Loved your comment about missing the bus !

All I can say is at least you haven't "missed the boat" in getting started on your running. Anyway most of us here couldn't even run for a bus but now speaking for myself I could beat the bus home now !

It definitely gets easier my legs ached more at start but now nearly a year into running can run for 45 minutes about 6 1/4 K and even run to work one day per week 4 1/4K.

It's so great the sense of achievement and health and well being mentally and physically and a habit I don't want to give up. also avoided a potential future on medication.

Hopefully like me it will become a good habit for you.

Don't worry about what you look like. Just call me "Mr Baggy Pants" !

Me too. I am very stubborn, so we will do it :) enjoy:)

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