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A wee problem


Set off on W4R1, then realised I had messed up my loo schedule and hadn't peed in 90 minutes. I drink a lot of water and tea, so that's a long time. Worrying about needing to pee kept my mind off the running, which went well, and I then snuck into a university hall of residence to use the facilities.

I did notice that a young guy overtook me at a brisk walk when I was running. I actually think that I also walk faster than I run. Oh well, plenty of time for speed.

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No hurry for C25k. Slower the better!


I must wee before I go out... Is part of the routine lol...🚽


A 'wee' problem. I see what you did there ;)


I have a weak bladder and NO shame! I often find a bush...it is pretty deserted where I run though!


Don't drink an hour before running. Pee just before excercise!

Lauracorin in reply to davelinks

It went something like: pee, change, drive to pick up child, deliver child to his running, watch him go, start running, oops. Next time I'll sneak into the hall of residence at the beginning.


Oh, you just wait until your runs get longer. *all those of a sensitive disposition look away NOW* I can run for about 5k before I need a wee, no matter how many times I have been to the loo before I leave the house. If I'm in the countryside, not too bad because I have a SheWee (marvellous creation :) ) If I'm in town, there's usually a loo somewhere. Races/events, though, they're tricky. I know I scandalised a few people at the Carsington event last weekend... :(

Seriously, though, it is something to consider. I find myself planning my routes round where I can pee :D

Shewee. I think I need one for hiking, let alone running.


Must be the woman's problem! My wife has to go very often as well, goes before we leave home for Parkrun then needs to go 10 mins later when we get there, luckily there's a loo( usually a queue at the ladies) at our Parkrun. I'm fine right through a 10k..😊

Lauracorin in reply to davelinks

I could go into detail about a woman's lot, but I suspect that's TMI...


Yes! I know enough about it thanks!


Us poor women have a lot to cope with 😉. I put off starting due to leakage problems. Physiotherapy has helped with day to day life, but not with high impact activities such as running - or actually even walking - whether I've been to the loo before or not! I'm now awaiting surgery, but don't know when that will be, then realised I was just making this my excuse not to do any exercise. So, well padded up, I started. I've now finished week 2 - and found the leakage is the least of my problems, my calf muscles aren't used to this running lark - but that's another story!

Lauracorin in reply to KJR60

Well done, KJR, for giving it a go. Take it slowly and your muscles will probably catch up. That's what I found when I made it to week 8 before.

Pippatong in reply to KJR60

It's like people don't want to talk about it! I run after one cup of tea and nothing else as I'm too scared too. Stuff hydrating I'm too worried about peeing!. I have a very small leak and not every run, tends to be around the time of my period. I use pee pads and they give me confidence and more often than not I didn't need it . It's embarrassing buying them but you can get them online . I wonder how many other women suffer the same. I bet Paula Radcliffe doesn't have this problem ha ha!

As an aside I did after all three of my children and do all the pelvic floor exercises most days but menopause does have an effect.

Hey but you made it - and without accidents 🙏

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