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Spectacle problem -solved?

I don't know how may of you run wearing glasses, but I'm guessing that it is a fair proportion.

I have discovered a bit of a problem running in my specsavers specials, that of slippage. Every few yards I have to raise my hand to the bridge of my nose and reposition my eyewear, Eric Morcambe style. After 2-3k it gets annoying. It gets worse the more I perspire and by the end of my run I'm doing every 2-3 steps.

In an attempt to solve the problem I thought I would try running without my glasses on the grounds that:

1. Weight saving, the 20g less load may shave 0.05 of a second off my 5k time.

2. Aerodynamics, see point 1 re time saving.

3. I'm unlikely to be reading anything.

4. As I am plodding along at 0.3mph I probably don't need distance vision too much.

4. It's really annoying to have to compensate for the slippage.

So Last night I ran without my eyewear for the first time. I can't say it went to well to start with after running straight into my neighbours parked car (no damage that I could see). I think it improved after that as I ran in a general downhill direction and didn't seem to hit anything significant, I did get rather wet at one point so I'm assuming that I missed the bridge over the river and ended up crossing it commando style. But I got home ok and lived to tell the tale.

Strangely this morning I noticed someone had flattened the hedge at no 42, bloody vandals. I'm glad I didn't run into them while I was out on my run.

No idea of my time as I couldn't read my watch, for this reason I think I will reinstate the eyewear (maybe gaffa tape will help?).

Keep jogging.


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I loved your post :)

I sort out my pod cast before leaving my glasses in the car, so far so good.


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Lol. Great post.

Mine don't slip but they do steam up, especially with the rosy glow from my cheeks. I also have the issue of lack of wiper blades to cope in wet weather.

Just thought I'd add those to the list of things you'll have to contend with.......

Ps I too have tried running without & failed!!

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LOL. Well told, bard.

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Ha ha !

Mine slip too ! Them and my shoelaces are the flippin' bane of my life. I am forever adjusting my specs and the hotter and sweatier I get , the more they slip. I think there are some little clips on Ebay or Amazon , that you can use to stop this , but I haven't tried them so far. :-) xxx


Ah yes, I posted about this a couple of months ago....I am fortunate that my eyesight is not too bad, so I can still run just over an hour without glasses. If it's a short and easy one I may wear them, otherwise it's too irritating, as they slip, steam, get wet, get in the way when I need to mop my brow etc. I was just thinking while out a few minutes ago, that I will have to revisit the issue now that I am planning for a half marathon. I couldn't do that wihtout glasses, as eventually eyes and head would start hurting. I meant to try out contacts for running, didn't get round to it over the summer, but I think I need to do that.

I will also get some little things you can slide over the ends of the glasses to keep them better behind your ears.


Ha ha! Naughty vandals - I don't suppose that you had any twigs in your clothes when you got back?

I wear plastic sunglasses meant for cyclists and they are so light that they don't slip. I wonder if it's possible to get some lightweight 'off the peg' specs that would be good enough to see but light enough not to slip?

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Not a glasses wearer but loved the post. Thank you.

I have some issues if I don't wear my baseball cap as the shorter sections of my hair obscure my vision fairly well. The cap does try to blow away on windy days but doesn't move much usually. I have some idea what you mean about glasses slipping though as my old head phones had to be re-adjusted every third step. Hope you find a solution that doesn't involve accidental swimming and hedge flattening. :-)


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