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Just a wee run today

Went out myself today for a run nice and early (9am) that's early for me ! And apparently the rest of the town as I did not see one soul anywhere. So was left to chat to the bemused looking cows. Cows really are quite scary creatures. There was a field packed with bullocks (I peeked haha) they were right up at the fence as I passed and it was just a thin little wire fence. Not sure if cows really do chase red but I was wearing my bright pink gear so did do a little detour just in case. Anyway.... Ran along the old railway line which is a good run pretty flat and graveled so gave my ankles a rest from the recent Tarmac routes I've been running. It wasn't a long run only 15 minutes but better than no run as they say.

I have spent the day planning my new diet. Which commences tomorrow. I have 5 days of plans written down. Each is slightly changeable so that I don't get bored. I used my fitness pal to work it all out so they are around 1200 calories. 50%carb 30%fat 20%protien as recommended. Full amounts of vitamin a and c and iron well nearly all the iron, it's really hard to get enough iron, which is probably important since I have slightly low iron levels) and also protien. I'm 11 stone 8 just now and want to get to 10 stone (which is recommended for my height )

Very proud of my list making, I do enjoy a good list making session. So going to do these for 2 weeks and see how they go. Now off to walk the dog in the rain. Then write some exercise plans down this evening.

Oh and just smoked my last cigarette too just now.

Bring on the healthy times.

Happy Sunday to everyone :-)

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Congratulations on a successful list making day :-) and a nice run this morning. (I chickened out of this morning's run as still not free of my lurgy and just as I stepped out of the door the heavens opened, sonI took that as a sign to stay at home today. I'll do some strength training later.)

Sounds like you have everything in place to attain your goals. Best wishes for your success.


Thank you very much.

it was dry and sunny here this morning. But the rain is back again this afternoon. There is no escape. Id say you made a good desicion instantaneous rain falling on you is a clear sign to have a rest day :-)


With preparation and attitude like that you'll achieve anything.

You're bound to lose that weight with the combination of that well planned diet and running.

And super good luck for giving up smoking.

While I've acheived graduation of c25k my best friend and husband both gave up smoking - I am immensely proud of them both.

Have a happy healthy rest of Sunday :-) x


Oh wow that is fantastic. For all of you. No wonder your proud. Its such a hard thing to do. X


Well you have the plans nailed which leaves you with the job of making sure you achieve. If you run every other day, walk your dog loads, do some other exercise, and stick with your healthy eating regime, plus having given up the gaspers, then you should see a massive improvement in your health and fitness

Commitment is key but then you know that don't you. LOL

Hopefully, you'll love running that much you'll stick with it.


Yes you are right. Planning is just one part of it. The fun part i must add. The doing part is the harder bit. But i am happy with my plan its all food i love so hopefully... With a change of mindset (lots has happened recently) i really want to stick to the way of life iv always wanted to have.


Ooo I love lists! When I do proper dieting I plan and type out everything I'm going to eat and drink - snacks included, and stick to it. It works and really makes you think about what goes in. Well done. And stay off the fags!


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