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Wee hills & rain😨for w8r1

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Well for me it’s definitely taking new routes on longer runs! It was a real thought going out tonight dark& drizzling rain but i knew if I didn’t go thats a day lost & maybe worse day tomorrow so off i went just started run & first time ever ear phones fell out & as they are air pods i was fumbling about my hoodie to find them!!! So it was a definite slow run!! Managed to get them only to see a wee hill as I wasn’t really concentrating where i was going!! So plodded up it so nice to get the down hill bit & honestly i was in & out of streets hoping id end up back where i started!! Roads look different in the dark & houses look the same😂😂 it was great as before i knew it laura said two minutes to go but let me warn all those using laura, she says thats you done well done now brisk walk, well fortunately i looked at my phone & app said 1 min left so i kept running & then at end of 1 min laura again said well done now walk!! Or words to that effect😂 anyway 27mins done!!! I think il make this graduation 🤗its great after run!!!! Happy running fellow runners👍

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Well done, getting there nicely now

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Pc59Graduate in reply to rolysmate

Count down now😊im on holiday for a long weekend so il have 1 run before then & then a 4day break till next run! Hope I don’t lose momentum 😊

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Sounds good. Running in the rain and doing hills. Well done. Enjoy the rest of week 8 😀

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Congratulation on you run, and those hills :)

You are one step closer to graduation :)

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Pc59Graduate in reply to IgaT

Yes & so looking forward to building up stamina to keep going this time after graduation ! Just noticed i said 27mins instead of 28 mins😂😂im as bad as Laura😂😂.

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IgaTGraduate in reply to Pc59

You are 2 min away from full 30 min run. It is amazing!!!

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