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W1R3 Toastie warm and happy :)

Well that's the last run of W1 and it went really well. Remembered my gloves this time. Put all my layers on and it was much better as it is still -1°c and very windy :)

Took a different route and ran against the wind for some of it.....that was challenging, but I mananged it. A bit short of breath at one point but I think I was running too fast.

I think I walk faster than I run. I am in a walking club and I know I can walk 5.2kms per hour, so I really enjoy the brisk walk bit, but I feel I slow right down in the run time. I will have to work on that in later weeks. My goal for summer is to walk 6kms per hour to do a 4 day walk in August. I feel that my running will eventually help my walking too....does that make sense!!!

I am off to download next weeks podcast. I have 2 days off but I am walking 15km Saturday and Sunday so not too much relaxing. I'll keep you posted about W2. Have a great weekend all.

Andrea ;)

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Very well done Andrea!!! We have horrible wind here in the States where I live. It is common place to have it every day. Consider running in the wind resistance training! Just think of the muscle you're building! ;-) Welcome to week 2!!! Gayle


Another blogger told me to use it as resisitance training so that is what I did. It wasn't easy but the feeling after makes it worthwhile ;) Can't wait to get going with week 2, I've just listened to it and feeling a little nervous about running fore 90secs, but I will take it slow and see what happens :) Andrea


Your walking club sounds interesting. I was definitely running slower than I walked at the start, which just seems wrong, but it got me there in the end! Still slow, but know I can keep going for quite a long time. And now I can sometimes even run faster than you can walk! He he! But not up steep hills - the 10% hill I went up yesterday had me going at less than 4kph - erk!


Congratulations on your badge :) It sounds like slow but steady is the message. 10% hill....that is some incline, well done you, 4kph sounds pretty impressive to me, mine would be a snail pace, but I think in all honesty I would probably do 1 pace forward and 2 back at the ;)


I'm a slowby too...just try to remember the tortoise and the hare fable. We will all get there, but at our own pace. SLOW IS THE NEW FAST ;-)


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