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I think I might have a problem

I think I might be getting addicted to running.

I am off to Copenhagen and Berlin for the next couple of weeks, and I have packed all my running gear, have been searching for local running routes near the hotels and have even planned to go for a run between arriving later today and going out for dinner. Is this normal?!?!

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Oh yes.... very normal.... :-) I'm off to Bournemouth for the weekend and I'm already looking forward to a run along the sea front.


I'm afraid that you've caught the bug. There's no hope for you now ;) Enjoy it.


Yes. CRAPAS... C25K Running and Posting Addiction Syndrome.

When I'm running I think about running.

When I'm not running I think about running, I read Runners World, read this forum and look at running clothes and gear online. And look at stats.... lots and lots of my lovely running stats.


Oh, I thought it was just me that did all those things :D


Sounds like perfectly rational behaviour to me. Have you learned the Danish for "can I charge my Garmin here please?"

By the way, I thoroughly recommend a run around the outside of the Tiergarten past the Brandenburg gate in Berlin. Flat as a pancake!!!

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Its normal! x ;-)


The majority of the sad population will look on you as some kind of weirdo.......as did most of us before we got hooked........but to us, here, we would expect nothing else.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Oops. Then there's an awful lot of us here who have a big problem too!


OOh yes! I hope you've got some kind of tracking devise to record your runs - a great souvenir. Have fun xx


Running in Copenhagen is fab! If you're in the centre I can highly recommend up round Islands Brygge by the water - lovely and flat, fantastic scenery and no cars. Have fun, wherever you are :)


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