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I can see the podium!


OMG! I had the best run every today. I decided to take another route as I had become used to the terrain and wanted to push myself a little. I knew I'd be ok as I had Michael Johnson, Kirsty Young, Jack Dee and Oldfloss running with me.

Well we took off down the hill, over the bridge and made it to the shops. Then we sensibly agreed to turn around and head back home.

Over the bridge we went and then miraculously the hill had transformed into a mountain! I looked at it and for a moment thought you'll have to walk it, and then I heard the forum shouting "keep going - slow and steady" so I took the advice and before I knew it I was at the top of the hill, still breathing and chuckling to myself.

I felt so proud, I wouldn't have imagined being able to achieve the run today. W9R3 = #Icandothis.

Tell me will I need to dress up for the podium?

BIG THANKS to everyone for willing me and others on. xx

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Oh yes, fancy dress is de rigueur for the podium. Well done, nothing can stop you now :)

CJ24Graduate in reply to Now-runner_NeedsAttn

Great, I'll have to get something sparkly🤔


Brilliant! It's great isn't it. You are unstoppable now :)

CJ24Graduate in reply to loisamelia

Loisamelia, I couldn't put it better myself - unstoppable. I love that 👍 xx


You just bring an empty tummy... there'll be plenty of graduation cake! Ear plugs (the cheering gets verrry loud, an open mind (the balloon artists make very strange things on occasion) and be ready to wallow in the good wishes... Everything is ready, you just need to turn up😊😊😊

CJ24Graduate in reply to McFitty

Love you BIG McFitty, thanks for organising the graduation ceremony.

I shall be ready, I think back to week 3 and the prospect of running for 3 minutes - I'm not ashamed to tell you that I lost sleep at the thought of it and, convinced myself I would be admitted to hospital due to lack of oxygen or worse!

W9R2! ANYTHING is possible, it's truly mind over matter. I shall be looking out for lemon drizzle and sponge cakes.

Wear did I put my tiara?🤔

Kimscholey in reply to CJ24

I lose sleep every time I start a new week wk 4 day 1 done. I think I'm worried I won't be able to achieve it. I kept reading slow n steady Honest truth I don't think anyone could have gone slower but I did it & I've even signed up for 5 k bubble run 22nd April.

CJ24Graduate in reply to Kimscholey

Way to go Kimscholey, love your determination well done and, also for signing up for the bubble run in April. I'll be cheering you on along with everyone else. xx


You have to wear your running shoes (preferably muddy) and sweaty running togs. You also need a big smile on your face. McFitty organises the rest, she's just brilliant. In fact I think we need to organize a party for her to say thank you!

CJ24Graduate in reply to JaySeeSkinny

JayzSeeSkinny, I think you're right we need to appreciate McFitty for the effort she has put into organising these ceremonies, all of which are unique.


Oh Yes!!!!!!

Goodness... you did it. :) So close now...and... you had already had a really busy morning.. you had already had an early run, 8 K, with me...:)

We did a speedy 3K..( I use the term, speedy, very loosely), and then we took some photographs.. then we did a gentle 5K.. you were brilliant.. through the mud and puddles like an expert!:)

Then, not content with that, you had this brilliant run!!! A hill to finish as well... wow! Very, very well done you...:)

Slow and steady now towards that podium... I think, you should just cruise on in to the podium, in all your running gear.. the odd wave, to the adoring crowd and we will be waiting... I shall be wearing the biggest smile... to match yours!!!

Hopefully not too tired to enjoy the family day.. :) Well done sweetie!

Onward and Upward! x

CJ24Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Yes, still in the grips of entertaining (it's hard work isn't it?) Thanks for your support and company.

Can't wait until Tuesday morning.......#I'mready!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to CJ24

You are... and we will be there with you! All the way...:)

CJ24Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

👍 xx

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