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The great outdoors! I did it!!


Well at last! I did it. My first run outdoors. Left the treadmill and the yummy mummy's to it today and braved the wind and rain. I ditched Laura too I'm afraid. Wanted to hear what was going on around me. So! I set off with mobile in hand and track my run on!! Walked 5 then started running. OMG! I couldn't do it. Was immediately out of breath and thoughts of week 1 came flooding back. So I walked again, recovered quickly then started again, trying to keep my pace slow. Same thing happened. So I gave myself a talking to and decided it didn't matter. I was trying. That was the main thing. So what if I had to walk and run. I've done this before. I knew I would improve. But then a weird thing happened. As I got near home there's a track near a flood plain thing so I decided I'd go round that once then walk to cool down. I found my pace! Amazing!! I ran round then thought, ok do another lap, then another and before I knew it I had done about 5 laps and was over 5k! Ok took me 45 ish minutes but I did suddenly settle into it and loved it. I didn't feel silly. Loved the rain and the wind and can't wait to go out again. So question for you all! Shall I still do odd treadmill run as I can do 30 fine and was trying to up my pace. Or simply stick to outdise now? Any thoughts? Anyway. Cup of tea time. Think I've earned it!!!

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Perhaps do some and some. Since you have to fit round the family, why not go outside in daylight and treadmill in the dark? Glad you loved outside - what an evil day to start on!

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to useitorloseit

Good idea. I know horrible day but I was determined!! I've been trying to get my courage up for a few weeks!! Because weather is bad it was quiet so it was good!!

useitorloseitGraduate in reply to Toonlou24

I see your point. Maybe I shouldn't have been such a girly wuss this morning, but it was WILD out there!


I completed the programme on a treadmill and thought the transition to outside would be easy. Sadly I was wrong and I'm redoing the programme, albeit from week 3 to try and build my outside stamina!

It feels to me totally different than on the treadmill!

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to IAASA

It is totally different. I had heard people say outside is harder. I just couldn't find a rhythm at first. Hoping the first one was the worst and is done now!! Yes maybe I need to plug back in to Laura too.

Well done Toonlou, pleased to hear you tried the outside :)

All my runs so far have been outside but now the nights are drawing in i'm going to start using the treadmill at the gym for my evening runs and keep my weekend run outside.

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to BluebellRunner

Thanks bluebellr! I think my evening ones will be at the gym still too but Monday's will try to get out and build on today. Bad time of year to go outside really!! Nevermind!!


Oh well done you , I'm having the opposite experience as I have done all runs outside and am now trying a treadmill for the evenings and finding it really hard - I guess it's what you're condition to.

Good luck with it :)

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to Ejbirdy

Thanks. Weird isn't it. Just what we are used to I guess. We will be able to do both fine soon hopefully!! Good luck on the treadmill. Good music essential!!!

EjbirdyGraduate in reply to Toonlou24

Cheers !

going outside is fun and great on a wild and windy day! Well done to you on that 1st venture out, many more to come! and a cuppa when you come in is just the best! :)

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to aliboo70

Was the best cup of tea I've ever had I think!!!


You have the best of both worlds at your disposal, so I say, go with whatever fits in best with your plans for each run!

I'm with Ejbirdy though both types take some getting used to. I do all of my running outside but used a treadmill when I was on holiday. It was so difficult! I couldn't find my pace, my legs felt as if they were all over the place, and I didn't know where to put my focus without feeling dizzy!! As for stepping off the damned thing when I'd finished, it's a wonder I didn't fall over :D So to be able to run for 30 minutes on it non-stop, I take my hat off to you!

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to Hidden

Ha ha ha! That made me laugh! Yeah getting off is tricky!! I do a weird waddle til I get stable land legs back again!! Will mix it up I think. See how I go!!

I would go for the mix and match idea. If you can get outside, brilliant, but nothing wrong with using the treadmill either. I remember my first outside run during Week 4 and I didn't think I was going to be able to do it, but I made it round. I haven't used the treadmill since then, but if this weather carries on, I will be back on it.

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to runningknitter

Thanks. Sounds like a plan.


That was brave ! Well done and I'm glad it worked out so well in the end. Now you know that outside is an option at least, you can do both depending on what you feel like. The freedom of choice is yours. Good luck.

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks henpen. Hopefully will get my rhythm quicker next time!! Took a while today!!


Both work for me. Did the 9 week c25k on a treadmill then went outside and was shocked at how much slower I was. Like you, I was having trouble finding any sort of rhythm to start with (legs and lungs seemed to belong to 2 different people, neither of them me and neither of them especially good at running!) but after a couple of runs it sorted itself out. I suppose it also depends on terrain (mainly trails/sand/hills here). But It is so much better to be outdoors if poss. I do come back in occasionally when the weather is grim.

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to Slookie

Glad its not just me slookie!! It was the gravel path that finally sorted me!!


Well done :) I nearly signed up to the gym at the weekend but then went for a 55 minute run/walk outside... am going to go again tonight. I do much prefer being outside :)

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to sidbetty

And it's free!!!

sidbettyGraduate in reply to Toonlou24

This of course is the ultimate selling point for me :) I can't justify the cost of the gym, although as it's getting darker I may have to consider it for a few months.

Well done ToonLou.

I used to run (if you could call it that at the time lol) on a treadmill but fast forward to 2014 and I completed the C25K outdoors. well done for getting out there for your first outdoor run today- as you know, I am procrastinating today lol and now waiting to hear from Partner to say Yea or nay to joining me asap.... it's wet and windy (its the wind that I'm dreading more)

Now its getting cold, I will be putting vics on my chest before i go out as I remember the cold air used to leave my chest tight (off to find Vics now) and gave me what I can only call asthma symptoms even though Im not asthmatic. Another thing, good gloves.

Its a different run though isnt it? Personally, I prefer it as i FEEL like an elephant on a treadmill- I feel soooo noisy and heavy lol


Toonlou24Graduate in reply to serendipitygal

Thanks. Know what you mean about the pounding noise on treadmill!!! I have to have loud music!!!


Stick to outside. That's what I'd do. And well done for persevering with your run too!

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to danzargo

Thank you!!


Well done you! Congratulations!! :)

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to Tomas

Thanks Tomas!


Well done for getting outside m'dear. It's often too hot, too cold, too wet, too dark or too polluted, but it makes you feel alive!!!

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to AncientMum

Very true!! Thanks.


Hiya, I've only ever run outdoors so can't imagine using a treadmill - don't have one at my disposal so it's either continue outside or not run - and I'm not prepared not to run! I am however keeping an eye on the forecast and planning my runs around the weather - my going out at 6am religiously 3 mornings a week is now a little more flexible.. but going outdoors has been a great excuse to purchase some nice new gear :).

You're planning on continuing, that's the main thing.

Now then, did you have cake with that cuppa?

:) xx

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to pinkangel16

No cake but two cups!!! Was bliss!!!

Well done Toonlou. I mainly run outdoors now despite haveing done a lot of the programme on the treadmill. I prefer the wilds of surrey but the treadmill is ideal when it's dark and rainy and you still feel the need to run.

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to GettingFitter

Yes very true. I think I will be doing both. If that's possible!!


Yay, Come on the Toon, Go Pet ! I love it outside , nowt better.

Glad to hear you have ventured outside, its great isn't it ? Well done ! :-) xxx

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to poppypug

Thanks poppy pug. The first half was far from great but it improved!!!

poppypugGraduate in reply to Toonlou24

Oh yes I know, for the first ten to fifteen minutes, Im always all over the place, my breathing is all t'cock and Im thinking " What am I doing ???? "

Then its like a switch goes on and I seem to settle down and whooooosh , Im off , well sort of a tortoise style whoosh if you know what I mean :-D xxx

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to poppypug

Aye I know what you mean!! I certainly didn't whoosh!!! Just hope the switch flicks quicker next time!!!


Well done Lou for getting "out there"! Think I'm being shown up here as I huge big girl's blouse so may well have to muster up courage to try. Those gremlins though have just rocketed me back to week 7 and are saying "you know you can't do it; you know you put in 4 walks before bailing out of the run."

Might have to go back to week 1 and try again, baby steps and all that!

Toonlou24Graduate in reply to Mamma_Mia

Don't give up mamma Mia. Give those gremlins a kick. You can do it. Believe in your self. If you have to go back to week 1 it doesn't matter. You'll soon be at week 9 again. Keep going. Xx

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