If I can you can!

Tonight i completed the infamous week 5 run 3. I took on board all the great advice that ppl so kindly posted (take it slowly and focus on breathing) GREAT advice thank you all. Like most I had real doubts that I'd be able to complete it, I know that's very common with this run but I have an artificial leg which can complicate running sometimes.

Anyway to cut a long story short this run IS a battle with your mind well it was for me. If you take it slowly focus on your breathing you will do it. I felt SO GOOD at 15 mins that i changed my route to take in a hill climb and a semi-sprint in the last minute, i had another 5 mins running in me (i think). So i did 2.7km over the 20mins I'm still pinching myself tbh...thx so much for all the great advice and support this forum gives and god bless the NHS without it i would not have the prosthetic leg or Laura to get me this far!



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24 Replies

  • Well done Leggit, What an amazing post !

    You sound a very determined person, I wish you every success xxx

  • thx poppypug......I've never pushed myself physically like this before.. when I was a kid, artificial legs were so heavy it was just pointless to think about running......i did the 100m when i was 12 in 40+sec's at school....but thx to the new materials they use in prosthetic limbs now it's a total game changer...I'll remember this day for the rest of my life..thank you so much for your very kind post :)

  • You are amazing, Well done to you.

    I look forward to reading of your progress. Please keep us updated xxx

  • ty so much I will... hopefully people worrying about w5r3 will feel encouraged from my experience as i said if i can, anyone can.

  • Wow! Truly wonderful, well done. It's a breakthrough run, after this you know you can conquer the other runs. Really pleased for you :)

  • Thx Northernspirit I feel very lucky with the w5 r3 run it was my best run ever everything just seemed to fall into place....even all the road junctions I have to cross were clear when i got to them....thank the running god(s)! on a bit of a high at the moment but come Monday I'll be focused on w6 r1;)

  • Wow. Puts my arthritic knee into perspective. Well done. Im one run behind you. A week ago i was bricking it over w5r3. Now Im really looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story.

  • Well done you - amazing inspirational tale. Don't overdo it 'tho - build up the muscles slowly to avoid any injuries / strains - take your time. It certainly is an amazing programme and so is your success.

  • thx Buffy007 good advice and I am very careful...i did actually start c25k last January (2014) but i picked up an injury in the march. I did some research and found that i was not hydrating properly before running. now i drink 3 to 4 pints of water per day (on top of the 2-3 cups of coffee i have) and i don't even ache after running or the next day. edit: so far i should add ;)

  • If you've done w5 r2 snufflegruff you've got w5r3 95% in the bag just take it slowly and breath deeply...please let us know how you get on....and good luck; not that you need it you've already done all the hardwork for w5r3!

  • Well done Leggit, great job! That's an impressive run.

  • Thx old_git (lol love the name)

  • Here here...God bless the nhs! Its a fabulous organization. I do week 5 run 3 this sunday. Im very much looking forward to it. Its posts like yours that give me confidence i can do it :-)

  • hey Artefactfinder good luck for Sunday....before i ran w5 r3 i was looking forward to it as well (nervous and excited)....mentally you're in a great place to do this run and getting this far in the program you are physically ready for it as well....as everyone says take it slowly and breath deeply...post back and let us know how it went...good luck not that you need it ;)

  • Congratulations! W5R3 is tough, not because of the distance or time, but, as you point out, because of your head. You got yourself in the right place and nailed it! Remember that feeling going forward - it will serve you well.

  • thx Rob i will....I know there's still a lot of hard runs ahead but i will never forget how good i felt last night and that in itself will push me on.

  • Wow, that's amazing - you're amazing xx

  • Thx Curlygurly2 that's very kind of you to say so :)

  • Well done leggit, give your self a pat on the back. 😊

  • you to Lou.....I seen you completed wk5r3 last night as well....good luck for week 6 and beyond ;)

  • Fantastic work legit - keep it up and you'll soon be cracking the 5k. Thanks for acknowledging the NHS too - great work!

  • Fantastic result...well done!!!

  • Fantastic! You are so right about this one being a mental challenge. You proved that you are well capable of doing it and even took on a hill! Go you! And hear hear re the NHS. It's so nice to hear the success stories :)

    Enjoy week 6 :)

  • thx YvetteK, Button21 and hilbean i really appreciate all these positive posts :)

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