I am converted! Outdoor runner in the making

Well, at about 6am I woke up and my first thought was “I must go out for a run!” I then calculated at what time I had to start work (8am) and could I get up, ready and back in time? I decided that was a definite yes. So, I faffed about for what seemed like an age, finding appropriate things to wear.

You see, this was my first ever run “outside”. I checked the weather forecast and the outdoor temperature – hmm, a chilly 2 degrees. Ah well, I popped my head outside my door, “Gosh! Yes, rather bracing!” I popped back inside. What could I wear then? Ah ha, I have ¾ length running trousers, fine, a short sleeved run top, fine, a long sleeved top as a layer, good, but what about my head and hands? So I decided to don my little black beanie hat (not very fetching) that I sometimes wear rowing on cold morning and a pair of red gloves. Just about to put my phone on when, oh no, low battery, I can’t run without Laura, not on my first run, I have no idea how far I need to go, despite wearing my new Garmin (new toy that arrived last night). So I then sat and waited patiently for my phone to increase to 15%. That should be enough, I thought, hopefully. Mind you, I did pop out now and then to try to get the GPS sorted on my Garmin, but it wasn’t playing ball.

Anyway, I began my “run” at about 6:45 (yes, it took this long to faff about). I began my warm up walk down my little hill, with a ridiculous cheesy grin on my face. It was dawn. I was outside. Everyone seemed to be asleep still. Halfway down the hill, my watch vibrated, I looked down to see that I had a GPS signal, so maybe it’s the trees, perhaps where I am is too remote? Anyway, I pressed the start button and smiled again as it began to record my route.

I decided to run down towards a tributary of the Thames. As I came to a little bridge it said “warning, no vehicle over 2 tonnes” Hmm, I contemplated this for a little bit, laughing to myself, and decided to chance it! I ran over the bridge to see a cob upstream and a pen downstream in the mist that was hanging over the river. “A lover’s tiff” I thought. The trees looked incredible, there were light greens, dark greens, oranges, browns, russets. I then ran past a field with horses in, the mist was still hanging slightly above the ground. Ah yes, those lovely horses that also go trotting along this route I am on, but leave their rather large messages on the ground. I dodge and weave around one particular section, wondering if perhaps a car had frightened the poor horse at the time.

All of a sudden, Laura tells me I’m half way through my run! No, I can’t be, surely not, I haven’t even thought about my breathing! I must be going too slowly. So I went on a bit further, then turned back. At this point, I am still looking in awe at the trees, a stunning white mansion on a hill, the horses in the field and the joy of being alive in this moment is quite overwhelming.

I continue on my run but why is it that Laura says to me “you’ve got one minute left, go for it!” just as I hit the bottom of a little hill? That sort of thing didn’t happen when I was at a constant 1.5% on the treadmill. But it just made me grin more broadly as I attacked the little so and so and got to the top (eventually). Crossing the road, I went on up and Laura announces “well, that’s your 25 minutes done, you can go to a brisk walk now”. “What? Finished already? But I can’t be, it’s too soon!” OK, so I ran a little bit longer, then did as she said and went to a brisk walk. I then decided as I came to a main road, to run again for a bit, as I wasn’t sure what the time was, and I didn’t want to be late for work! Then a brisk walk up my little hill to home and to my astonishment it was only about 7:20am.

So basically, after all this, all I want to say is, thank you, a big THANK YOU, to all of you who got me out there. I am converted! :)


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14 Replies

  • Well done! running outside does make you smile. it makes me laugh, dance, laugh out loud, talk to myself, passers-by. I even high-fived a Chinaman the other day 😊 I just love the freedom of it

    Good luck with the rest of the programme. Take care and continue to go very steadily. Slow is just fine ☺

  • Brilliant! Glad you enjoyed it.

  • What a fantastic sounding run that was & well done for getting out there even in the cold! Ive never ran on the treafmill but i must admit the joy of being outside is just amazing!! Keep up the good work the big outside world waitng for you😊👍x

  • What a lovely post Flossie! I felt like I was there with you! There is definately something very special about running first thing in the morning when most people are still tucked up in their beds and the day feels so new! I mostly run later in the day at the moment just because this is what fits in best with my other commitments at the moment. Also, sounds like it is the open road for you from now on! I have not stepped on a treadmill for many, many years - come rain or shine I would rather be outside (although, whatever gets you running has got to be good). Good luck!

  • Well done. I started my running journey on a treadmill, thinking I would hate outdoor running, but like you I'm a convert. It seems so much less of a chore, and the time goes much more quickly. I even managed a run in unknown territory this morning, and was really rewarded with a beautiful background for my efforts.

  • Wow sounds wonderful, if the weather was anything like here (Midlands Ireland) I have to say absolutely beautiful morning for your maiden run ......

    I run every second day and the weather has been favourable up to now for me as I move to week 8....

    This morning other joggers ahead of me helped my pace I think, and made me feel like I am a runner..... Laura's right about most things

    Well done

  • Well done! Sounds like you didn't struggle at all with the transition. There is nothing to beat a morning run in the open air!

  • Oh yes!

    A beautiful post and well done you for getting out there and enjoying it! It is wonderful isn't it...I absolutely love it...( Going to drive me a bit nutty, being stuck on the IC)..

    So... if you do some more outdoor runs and post... maybe, please, I can run them with you vicariously :)

  • Had you been running alongside me this morning you would have told me to jog on the spot for a moment, thus avoiding slightly elevated heart rate at automobile coming up the road! However, nobody hurt, just learning to become more aware of cars and how to avoid them :) How are you, middle Floss and Flossette doing?

  • I think I had my eyes covered at the time :) Yep.. squishy us, versus non-squishy metal cars.. no contest :)

    I am taking it slow and steady.. trying to stay supple and not stiffen up.. Middle Floss..getting there and Flossette... really developing her profile :)

    Thanks youx

  • It makes me so happy reading a post like this... and running at that time in the morning is magical... I am not a fan of treadmills, as I feel outdoors is where it's at. Huge well done for finding the courage to go for it :)

  • Thank you Ju-ju, I appreciate your comments. I think this forum is excellent, so many super people out there helping one another and being supportive and encouraging. Best thing I've done in a long time! :)

  • Such a lovely descriptive post! It sounds like you really enjoyed it.

    Running outside in "the real world" is fun although I'm finding the cold a bit hard at the moment and have wimped out early once or twice (refrigerated gremlin attacks).

    I do like to go back on the treadmill occasionally as I can put the incline on very steep and run or walk slowly or alternate very fast and medium runs for a while.

    But then you don't get to see swans or hossis in the house...

  • Thank you, yes I did. Probably good to use the treadmill on occasions, makes you realise how great being outdoors is.

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