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Update on Doris's Day!

Well, what a day! I haven't had a moment to myself honestly. You know that I sensibly postponed my run this morning and then went off to work and got caught up in a meeting followed by an urgent request for information by 11.00am.

Consumed with priorities I could hear my phone "pinging" but chose to ignore it until I couldn't resist the alerts any longer and saw a message from my neighbour telling me that my fence had gone and that a member of the household had left their bedroom window open!😐

I rushed home and thought that I had entered a crime scene. My fence has completely gone all it now lies in fragments adjacent to the garden, and the bedroom window is now lying in the back garden.🤔

If this had happened 8 weeks ago I would have panicked, but I simply called a builder, spoke to my husband and neighbours and returned back to my desk thinking no bones broken.

I'm really proud of myself and my mindset. I like the new me and again I thank you all for your support whilst transitioning.

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Oh well done on being an oasis of calm 😀 It's only stuff, which can be replaced, and if no-one got hurt then all the better.

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Blimey...what a day..well done for staying so calm..This proramme offers so much more than running ! X

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