GJ update

Hi guys, got it in my head I would try and do a 6k this am. I Remembered Laura saying when you jog pretend someone on the other side of the fence cant tell if your walking or jogging, so I based my pace on that and stop trying to speed up or to worry. 6k was tough ( and isnt it odd how at one point you feel as if you are going to die and then something kicks in and your fine , this happens to me several times on a jog ) but I did it ! I did it guys, can you believe it, 6k ! took me an hour but proved to myself it's doable. so happy this am.


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28 Replies

  • Well done. Another mile stone ticked off :D

    My recolle tion of the Laura/Hedge thing was to stop you wasting energy by 'bouncing' while running?

    Anyhoo. If it works, it works :)

  • You are right of course, but I used it to pace myself and it worked, well at least I managed the run /jog :)

  • Well done! As we have said so many times, it's not about how long it takes, it is about doing it. And you are doing it! I agree about the " one point you feel you're going to die and then something kicks in" so true! You deserve to be happy, enjoy your 6k success :)

  • I often sit back and imagine my run and amaze myself !!

  • Congratulations on your achievement - 6k is a good distance. No wonder you are pleased.

  • still a sedated slug, but hey ho

  • Fantastic!!! Many congratulations :-) I am currently in W5 and hope I will be able to run as far as you have one day soon. Posts like yours are a great inspiration.

  • very slow, but got to the point of believing its not important

  • Well done GJ! Amazing how those lessons from Laura still come back eh? I think once you find "your pace" things just click into place and it becomes enjoyable... I'm convinced we all take off too quick.. so I'm glad you found the spot where you went from "wanting to die" to "you're fine" today.... that's always a sweet spot to find on a run...

    6K eh? Look at you... :) Well done!

    Oh - and for the stats nerds, that "vertical oscillation" you'll hear us Garmin 620 owners talk about (ie. bore you to tears about)... that's the "other side of the fence" measure of how bouncy you run... :)

  • Im only bouncy because I havent afforded a bra yet, a tragedy for this 40D girl !!!

  • Brilliant , well done & congratulations

  • thanks Rockette

  • Yeeeeahhhhhhhh GJ! 6K in the bag. Whoooohooo!! What an incredible thing to do eh? Well done from Mr Zargo of Danshire.

  • thanks Mr Zargo, just worked out another 1/2k would bring me to 4 miles, my next aim, bit cheaty but dont care

  • Congrats gj on hitting 6k. Onwards and upwards

  • great feeling get fitl been grinning all day

  • You should be grinning! That is awesome! Laura's tips seem to stay with us.

  • I have no idea why she popped into my head today but glad she did, between her and Freddie Mercury ( my boy ) I did it Burgdude !

  • Well!! - you are ahead of me!! I haven't run 6K nonstop yet!! :)

  • yeah but my speed is backwards !! Do I care, I do not !!

  • BTW -- next time you are in one of your "social circles" , ask around to see who else has recently run 6 klms non-stop!!!!!! :)

  • :) :) :)

  • 6K -fantastic GJ. I also try to keep my head level but miss Garmin says I must be bobbin up and down like an apple on halloween. I love that feeling - there's no way I can continue - oh wait a minute I feel fine - have I finished - wow!!!!.

    Have a well earned rest and back on Tuesday ;-)

  • got a grand daughter and great grand daughter ( my 2 girlies ) Monday and Tuesday, so next jog will be Wed and it will be a shorter one !

  • Hey well done GJ - no stopping you now!

  • just played the stepping stone thingy, wow thats to fast for me, so this little snail will plod on being just me Ullyrunner !!

  • Wahey GrannyJudes , Ive said it before and I will say it again - you are an amazing, lovely lady and very very Well done for hitting 6k, fab stuff ! :-) xxx

  • my poor calves poppypug, and I got Scarlett today ( great grand daughter 14 months ) I am praying she wants a lazy day ! ( No Alice she is poorly, so a bit less then I thought )+

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