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Week 1 Day 1

Wahoo! Just completed my first run and I am so proud of myself. I have weighed far too much (on the wrong side of 19 stone!) for far too long. I wasn't brave enough to go out and about and risk anyone seeing me so completed the run in our back garden. Despite having a large garden it was a bit monotonous. However, now I know I can get through I will go a bit further afield next time. I have been reading the blog posts here for a while now and wouldn't have tried at all without the words of support you give, so thank you. Onwards and upwards and I can't wait for day 2.

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Well done you've started a great programme which will turn you into a runner! I'm sure you'll find that when you venture outside the time will fly and you'll be so busy listening to Laura and the 'great music' that you won't care who sees you, happy running Ally x


Hi, and welcome to the forum ... the friendliest support group on the Internet! So glad you got through your first run - lots of people find that the worst! It's great that you have a big garden, but honestly, don't worry a fig about going further afield! I am overweight too (as are lots here) but once you've been brave enough to go outside, you'll soon realise that you will be invisible to most! Folk outside all have their own busy lives, so don't care about runners, and frankly, if they are unfit, chances are you will embarrass them for their own sluggishness! LOL :D

Wishing you lots of luck and courage for your run 2 outing! You'll do just fine! You have a lovely happy, positive attitude. Looking forward to hearing of your future runs and successes - don't forget, we're here to share your brilliant times, but are also pretty darned good at cheering you along on the grisly weeks too ... they may happen!

Take care, Linda ;)


Hi AndreaB20,

The best thing is to get out of the couch and starting the program, and then all will follow. I was like you; I was a bit ‘concerned’ what others would think when I run, even if I am ‘small made’. It is not the size I suppose; it is the feeling when you do something different. I started to run in February when it was a bit dark, but I would wait until it is dark'er' enough so no one will know me, I even wore a hat! I gradually gained confidence and then did not care who looks at me or what they think. In fact as Linda says, I think it is we new runners who think that ‘others’ will think something but I now think ‘others’ are too busy with their own lives and do not even look at us!

Wishing you all the very best for your runs. In 9 weeks time, when you turn back, you will be surprised how good you are, at least I was! When I finished my first day in first week, I was knackered but was so happy that I did it! Now I can run, it is such a brilliant feeling!

Keep us posted as to how you progress..


Thanks for the comments and I know you're all right about getting out and about. I'll go out for day 2.

I plan to do first four sets heading away from home then turn round and head back for second four sets. That way I should be pretty much home at the end!

I'm combining this with a healthy eating regime so hopefully the weight will come off which will make the exercise easier.


Well done for getting out there and starting this programme. Good luck with day 2, let us know how you get on :)


Andrea, I began last week and was also self-conscious about being seen for the first couple of runs, but it does get easier! I too am overweight, but honestly, no-one really notices you. Go for it and keep blogging - the support here is really important! :)


I've had negative comments about my running but put it down to jealousy from those who cannot be bothered for themselves. After being diagnosed 4 months ago with pre-diabetes I was advised to lose weight and get some exercise. I use a static bike as well as a small manual treadmill, and go out running 3 mornings a week. In that 4 months I have lost 1,1/2 stones and am getting fitter - I combine it with healthy eating as well, of of course. I still have a way to go on both weight loss and exercise but I'm getting there. You will get there as well. It doesn't happen overnight but, as we slowly succeed, we can really see the results. I wish you all the very best with your programme and your healthy eating.


First things first ~ CONGRATULATIONS; you are now a runner!

You have now done the hardest part of the programme by getting out there and starting. OK, it was in your back garden, but does that make any difference? I don't think so as YOU did it whilst others just sat and watched TV. I would, however, encourage you to venture further afield ~ even if it means driving somewhere, getting changed and doing it there to start with, if that is more comfortable.

If you can, take a look at the Youtube clips 'Running for my existence'. Very inspiring.

Finally, WELL DONE, AND KEEP GOING. You WILL get there.


Wow! Took your advice and have just watched 'Running for my existence'. Very powerful stuff.



I'm pleased you liked it. I found his video very humbling and inspirational.

If I am ever feeling a bit like not going out, I just think of Rog and it gives me the proverbial kick in the derriere I need.

Get out there, enjoy the weather and make a diary note for 6 months hence to look at where you have come from and where you are then.

You CAN do it.


Well done!! Getting trainers on & yourself out of the door that first time is tough. If you stick with it this programme really can turn you into a runner! There will be ups and downs along the way but we will be here to share & support through it all.

Keep at it!


Well done :) I completed my first day today which was knackering! I'm currently on my 5th day of quitting smoking after smoking for nearly 7 years. I Hope it all gets easier! Also yeah I would advise running elsewhere from your garden, having a different scenery will help to change your way of thinking and help to change your life.


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