Running tonight - I must be mental!

The weather is shocking - some poor bloke in our yard got knocked unconscious by a flying fence panel (he's okay now!) and our displays are in pieces but I have to go running tonight because I so do not want to go tomorrow - I have uncancellable plans ;)

I figure wrap up and go for it (maybe take a hard hat) and i'll be stronger for it....

Has anyone else braved this???


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22 Replies

  • Nope.... many, many of us have been sensible :)

    Please don't go out if it hasn't passed... it is not worth getting injured...really it's not!

    "Wind blowing a gale, stay in and away.

    Time to run safely another day ?"

    Two rest days won't hurt!

  • AH you see but by the time I can get it out again it will be 3 days rest before I've got out again, and I did that this weekend just gone =/

    I felt fine when I got back to it, but the guilt is unbearable! lol

  • 3 rest days won't hurt either. Falling branches or flying fence panels will!

  • I agree,,, missing a run rather than getting zapped... no contest! And I really miss it if I cannot run!

  • But if you get hit on the will be a lot longer before you get out!

  • Yes! Protect your head! Concussion has me out two weeks already and looking at a minimum of another two.

  • I did, nearly tripped myself up when the wind caught my leg. I tried again but eventually gave up and cut my run short. I'm going skiing next week and don't want to break anything before I go.

  • Yeah I had to go out with the dog but it's horrendous and if anything it's got worse. I am due to run today but after experiencing the weather first hand, decided not to. I will leave it til this evening to see if it dies down. I am usually unphased by weather but today is another level,so even I'm not risking it 😀 I will turn out again as the dog will want another walk shortly 🙄 🐶

  • I've just been home to let my dog out - he was not in anyway a fan of the weather, he literally hid in a corner from the wind! Think we'll all be staying in tonight!

  • You've all raised some very valid points (and I've just been out there for a good 10 minutes and it was horrid =/) I'll give it a miss, I don't like letting the weather beat me but as literally noone else thinks it's a good idea I must concede to much wiser beings! Maybe it'll have calmed down by tomorrow am.... we'll see! I'd rather not miss 3 days again if I can help it though!

    Oh and I'm very touched by the concern you bunch of care bears ;)

  • I think you made the right decision. And having a 3 day break once in a while is not going to have much of an impact. Don't worry! :)

  • Well done.. see how we love you :)

  • I have checked my local weather and by 7.00 pm til 10 pm the wind will drop dramatically and it will get dryer by 8 pm. It's jog club tonight but I doubt they will run, but I might If the weather man is right.

    It says wind speed 56 but that falls away to 14 at 7.00 pm and down to 11 by 10.00 pm. Dunno if that's knots, miles an hour or what though 😁 Doh

  • That will be mph where I am it will peak at 62 mph and then drop off quite slowly but that is what happens when you live in the flatlands

  • Hope it wasn't any of my fence panels?🤔 STAY IN! It's crazy out there.

  • haha I hope your fence panels are okay, I work in a builders merchants (to add context) and I've since found out there were actually 6 fence panels... but he's fine thankfully!

    I'm not going out unless misswobble's weather predictions are correct!

  • Be safe EFxox89, BE SAFE.

  • I am going to pass tonight.

    I was planning to go out but although it is now dry, it still very blustery. I am able to work from home tomorrow and I like a lunchtime run, anyway.

  • I ran! I checked the weather forecast and the wind was expected to drop off about 7:00 pm and the rain would tail off a bit later. In the event the wind dropped off, as did the rain, so I was out 6.30 pm ish. It was very dark on parts of the route, despite my lights, so I had to pick my way a bit as there was lots of tree debris on the ground. Lots of fire engines zooming up and down. Pools of standing water about too after the torrential rain.

  • I ran as when I was going out it wasn't so bad. But after a short time it converted to raining hell with some hail. Fortunately wind was bad but not dangerous at that time. I completed all my run with poor dog.

    Although I am proud of my run, I wouldn't go if I knew how fast weather will change to that nightmare. You made a good decision.

  • Part of me wished I had braved it, especially as it's freezing today!

    Well done to you though, trooping through! And your dog! I'd have had to drag mine, he hates the wind! lol

  • You really made a good decision. When I was going out it wasn't so bad, so she was happy to go out again (I always go for ~30min with her before to get her tired), but then it started to be bad and she pulled to be home as soon as possible.

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