Doris Day

I was ready to commence W9R1 this morning and even had my podcast and Michael Johnson primed and ready. However, I was awoken by Storm Doris who has rearranged the garden furniture and I believe some fencing. My husband advised me to postpone my run today as reportedly it's going to get worse before it gets better. So I'll be out tomorrow morning. To everyone who is running today, be safe and sensible.


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20 Replies

  • We have people who love us... :)

    I, too, ready to brave the elements... running gear warming gently on the radiator... route planned...didn't seem too bad at 7 a.m... raining lightly...light wind. But within less than 15 minutes.. much worse.. and husband warned against going out.:)

    Hope your fence and your furniture recover... much better them than you. It is sometimes so hard to be sensible isn't it..but, Michael and the run will be there tomorrow :)

  • Really love this forum Oldfloss as I wouldn't have made it to this point without the virtual encouragement, love and laughter.

    Totally agree that being sensible is not always "cool" but, tomorrow is another day. I'll be thinking of you as Michael and I set out around the same time.

  • We do have fun... the posts are amazing reading.

    I have kept going through all sorts of times, with the support from our friends on here, and we make new ones every day :) I have friends who have been with me from the very start of this terrific journey.

    The stories are as you say, funny, encouraging and often inspirational. great to be part of it :)

    I love it when I get taken on runs with friends, and I love to take friends with me too.. so..we both get a double run tomorrow :)

  • Don't leave without me!

  • Well done for putting your sensible head on. It's not too bad here, blue sky and the sun is making an attempt to shine, but it's very blowy. I ran yesterday, so at least I don't have any dilemma about running today. I'm just wondering how many fallen trees I will need to leap over on my next run. :-)

  • A great decision i would say! Dont ever take any chances, your run will wait a while. Thats one of the beauties of running, we can do it to suit ourselves 😀 Enjoy that next run..... the badge awaits you Runner!

  • Thanks Jacs-W, strange sensation being sensible but it will pass 🙄 A Runner-tee hee!

  • I have to turn out with the dog, and I need to fit a run in at some point. Blowing a gale though. It was yesterday it fell away to nothing at tea time. Hoping for that scenario today. i have expectations. Ever the optimist 😀

  • Yes be safe - there is no point being fit if you are stuck under a fallen down tree. I got ahead of Doris by going for my run last night. I don't normally run in the dark as my route takes me over unlit farmers tracks - no pavements - just sloping drops into irrigation channels. But off I went with more lights on me than a Christmas tree in pouring rain and just had the most brilliant time - it was like I was the only person in the world and a quite different experience to my daylight runs. :)

  • What a lovely picture you painted of your attire - love it. Thanks keep safe indeed.

  • Yes indeed - I had flashing sidelights on my arms & a headlamp on my head (strangely) and a little flashing red light on the back of my jacket - all I needed was reversing lights to complete the set! But hey who runs backwards :)

  • Evening Runon !

    I read that as " a little flashing red light on the back of my jacksie ! " Ha ha :-D xxx

  • Naughty!😂

  • Glasses dear Poppers, glasses :) xxx

  • Yes I will have to take them in for re-glazing or something:-) xxx

  • Ah - have you started wearing windows? Xxx :) tee hee

  • Yes but they're boarded up at the moment , hence the reason I misread your post :-) xxx

  • Doris not really got going at 6am this morning. I don't normally run on a Thursday but couldn't run yesterday had to wait in for new phone to be delivered (phone not feeding music down earphones for some reason). Like to have music when running.

    Anyway ran to work usual 4 1/4 K was bit of a wind which think was coming from South West so Blew me Northwards to work. Should have done a Mary Poppins and took umbrella. Only problem is wind sometimes swirls and hits you in the face unexpectedly from a different direction !!

    Definitely gustier walking back home against it. Fortunately not walking in area where many buildings with potential bits flying off them and stuff. Worst experience was in high winds some years ago in city centre where hanging signs and other stuff were coming off shops and buildings.

    So as others say best to be safe and avoid running if you can do another day. Think forecast is for it to last no more than a day. I may only get 2 runs in this week but that's no problem.

  • Thanks Joepublic it's crazy here, I might have to write another post to update everyone!

  • I have been out for a good walk with the dog and it's horrendous out There!

    Stay in! I was intending running But have postponed it. The rain is horizontal, it's very squally, and there are some really gusting side winds.

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