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Wk5R3 - OMG I did it!!! :-)


I was feeling slightly apprehensive about the 20 min run today but I did it! I read all the advice on here and convinced myself that my body was ready. I took it slow, despite my upbeat playlist, and Mr Smooth helped me along the way.

To anyone who has this run coming up - enjoy it! Believe it yourself, you're ready!!

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So true, fellow runner.

Keep running, keep smiling.

I LOVE this! ❤️ Well done! I have this run coming up at the end of the week and am looking forward to the new challenge. You should be dead proud of yourself. Keep running. 🏃‍♀️


Well done!! This is the milestone run of the programme and such an achievement. Enjoy feeling amazing today 🤗


Yes! Fabulous

I completed mine on Tuesday and so proud of myself too! It's amazing how far you come after just 5 weeks. I've had a few weeks with blips where I've only managed one run, but kept going and not given in, like I would have done in the past. Off to do wk6 run 1 now - would never have dreamt I'd be running on a Saturday morning.

Fellow smoothie, well done you on getting one of the bigger runs done and dusted.

Mr Smooth always sees us through, but it was your head and legs that got you there. Brilliant.

Well done hyoung😊..Its great how this program works isn't it.. somehow we are ready for this run and the magic happens... its amazing and so are you😊x


Slow steady and onward and upward :)


Well done!!! Soon be on that podium!! 🎉😊


Thank you everyone! :-)

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