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eating dessert in my active wear (W8R3)

an early start at work meant I had to delay my final run of week 8 until just after noon and, rather than go to the park as usual, I went home and decided to face a few demons by running along the busy stretch of road Mam likes to run along.

"But you hate that road," Cecelia tried to point out "everyone driving past will be staring at you because you're not built like a stick figure. Let's put it off until tomorrow?"

"Balls to it, Cecelia," I answered, "if people want to stare, just bloody let them. Maybe I'll take note of their license plates then send them a bill for the show. I could make quite a bit of cash that way"

"But you hate this road because you can't change direction. And you're knackered, right?"

"They say change is as good as a rest" and so I set off, it was a bit less easy than it has been the last few runs but I made it, week 8 is over and done with. However, upon return to the house I remembered that I had to go and pick up some medication, so a drive into town was in order, my return was followed swiftly by a quick road trip to get the lay of the land in an area HtB and I were looking at moving to followed swiftly by a suggestion from my Dad of "shall we go out for supper?" well, as I was a captive audience, I went along...still in my running kit.

You'll all be happy to know that active wear doesn't distract from the taste of a chili burger, I'm sure

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Whoo hoo graduation week is looming..

And you are going to smash it TSB😊

Well done on Week


Fantastic go you. Who cares who's watching they're just jealous anyways. All the best for Graduation week x


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