Pretty in Neon

Getting up this morning, full of anticipation for my second run of week 5 and so, whilst the kettle was boiling for tea, I put on my new black and neon orange running leggings, feeling utterly like the 'canis testis' in them, it was after I'd gathered up my new neon yellow hat and gloves that I remembered I'd left my running shoes in the boot of my car (having had to do a quick change after Friday's run in order to meet Hubby-to-Be for coffee)

It was when I went outside to get them that Goblin Cecelia piped up, pointing out that it was drizzling a bit. She nearly choked on her cup of chai when I answered with a 'good, I won't get red-faced when I'm running', but the real choking and gasping for air came from her direction when, after pointing out it was also misty and cold, I eagerly announced "What a day! what a LOVELY day!".

Having got to the park (Mam being on her rest day came along with me, with the intention of picking up some shopping then joining me in the park for a walk) I almost fell over when Sarah Millican announced that today I'd be running for 8 minutes at a time but, having done the first day in 3 bursts of 5, did a pretty decent job of convincing myself that 'hey, 8 minutes twice? the session will be over before I know it!' I set off and did reasonably well until halfway through my five minute recovery walk, when it started to rain properly. Keeping my legs moving I wandering into the public loos in the park to get some tissue to blow my nose, then headed to the bandstand (wasn't raining under there, being under cover) and finished my walk. This was where Cecelia tried to tell me that no one would blame me for giving up now, since it wasn't only raining heavily but hailing now too. I told her to go sit on a bench in the rain and did most the run under the bandstand, though used the last2 minutes to get back to the car.

The 5 minute cool down was done in the front seat of my car with me moving my legs in a walking motion, since I was already drenched through (Mam was waiting for me, deciding against the walk in the crappy weather AND having got her shoes and socks soaked through trying to get back to the car with her shopping)

Treated myself to a hot bath and an even hotter cup of tea when we got back, but still proud of myself for finishing the second run of week 5


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10 Replies

  • Loved your post.

    Your descriptions are great, they dragged my into the bandstand. I like your initiative.

    You've broken the back of the couch to 5k now.

    All you need to do now, is to slowly increase your running distance and you will graduate

  • Well done for persevering and telling Cecillia where to go. 😀

  • Well done for completing turn tomorrow :)

  • Well done, you have a great attitude.

    Without giving too much away you might very well fall down the next time you hear Ms Millican's voice. Just keep it nice and slow and you will be fine.

  • Agree with Dunder - don't panic, go slow, trust the programme. You'll be fine! :)

  • Well done - you certainly found some ingenious ways to stay out of the rain!!!

  • Well done you. Sounds like you're actually having fun with Cecelia these days! Don't know why she bothers anymore! :)

  • theshrinkingbride BEFORE:

    "Cecilia, you're breaking my heart,

    You're shaking my confidence daily.

    Oh, Cecilia, I'm down on my knees,

    I'm begging you please to go home".

    theshrinkingbride NOW:

    "Cecilia, I'm breaking YOUR heart, I'm shaking YOUR confidence daily. Oh, Cecilia, you're down on your knees, you'd be just as well to go home".

    - with apologies to Simon and Garfunkel -


  • lol, I like that!

  • Well done theshrinkingbride 😊

    Thats 16 mins of running you did there..fantastic in those conditions..

    You can do are a strong shrinking bride to be..😊xx

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