I didn't fall off I was practising my dismount!

My ipod has gone faulty so I resorted to downloading the podcast to my phone today. Unfortunately it is a big phone and can't be worn tucked into my sports bra, yes that is where my ipod lives half its life and perhaps that is what killed it.

Anyway I was running along wk 3 r3 on the treadmill trying to look like a real runner at the amazing pace of 3.9 mph .2 more than last time! When as I was turning down the speed for the walking bit I caught my dangly headphone lead and catapulted my phone onto the treadmill. A moment of panic ensued together with a bit of swearing whilst trying to pick it up, swiftly followed by the realisation that I was travelling backwards at 3.2 mph. So I jumped, landed on both feet knees bent and caught my phone as it reached the end.

I looked up to find half the gym watching me with various expressions on their faces. I resisted the temptation to bow..


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14 Replies

  • Are you alright? Are your knees ok? How's your phone? ! I hope people at the gym asked if you are alright as well!

    I killed a phone with boob sweat, I know your struggle! Lol

  • Thank you for asking but I am fine, remarkably so. Carried on with my next run as though nothing had happened. Noone spoke just looked at me. Probably never seen anyone leave a treadmill like that before. :}

  • I might avoid joining a gym then! I'm quite prone to accidents, getting lost, that sort of thing lol

    I'm glad you're ok.

    Well done for finishing your run too! 😆

  • That's the way to do it! Pretend it was all part of the plan!

  • Sounds remarkably acrobatic Gnet!

    My iPod is also giving up the ghost for exactly the same reason you state . . . I guess living in a sweaty bra is not an ideal environment 😱

  • If it happens again, you'll have no option but to bow. :-) Nice fielding. One way of dealing with phones etc. is to put them in the pocket of your rugby shorts ( ... no? ... go on! ... why not?). Rugby shorts have a lace that ties them round your waist, so you can thread the cable through the back of the knot, and then it doesn't catch your arms ... very often. Actually get rugby shorts, jersey, AND a rugby ball, and keep those with you at the gym, and people will thereafter accept just about anything you do. They'll quickly put you into their crazy category, and give you license to be as utterly individual as you please.

  • I'm sorry but this made me laugh. It reminded me of when I once saw someone trying to run backwards on a treadmill and needless to say it wasn't a pretty ending. What are you going to do for an encore?

  • I'm thinking maybe a handstand next time..

  • Ha ha! I think you ladies need an arm band..

  • Hilarious mental image. Thank you!

  • Sounds a bit like Olga Korbut coming out of a gymnastics routine at the Olympics to me - I bet they were all mightily impressed and are all trying to find out what app you're listening to. Now to find yourself a new iPod (a phone down the bra can't be comfy). Tip: thread the headphone cable under your bra and keep it under your t-shirt to avoid getting tangled up it it. I have a flat bum bag thing around my waist and I put my ipod there. When I'm rich and famous I'll get some bluetooth headphones for running...

  • Oh dear, this made me laugh out loud, sorry , it's just the sort of thing that would happen to me only I wouldn't have managed to land on my feet. I carry my MP3 player in my bra also, hope it's going to survive!!

  • It made me laugh too, glad you are ok though. I think an armband would solve the problem

  • Ha ha ! Oh dear :-) I hope you said "Taaa Daaa " :-) xxx

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