W8R3 - My nemesis is dead

I think it must be my age but temperature to me is a combination of Fahrenheit and Celsius. I know, for example, that below 2 degrees C is cold and above 70 degrees F is mild, 80 degrees F is warm and below zero degrees C is very cold, everything in between is a mystery.

The kitchen thermometer told me it was 13.3 degrees C outside and as I drank my customary glass of pre run water I pondered what that temperature meant. It may as well have read "average" or " ok" for all the meaning I was taking from 13.3 degrees.

Monday was an abject failure. After only a kilometre I pulled up limping, shin pains that didn't feel normal. I walked home dejected and hid in non running life for a day or two. I decided last night that I would go with how I felt in the morning, no planning, no expectations, just as it comes.

As it came was that at 5:50am I awoke naturally feeling pretty good and decided I'd go for that run. It was a good call as I ended up running 29 mins and 14 secs which tells me I've not lost anything from the additional rest days. Week 8 is finally done, thank goodness for that.

The songs were an eclectic mix as per usual this morning and the one that stands out in my mind is Lou Reed's "A walk on the wild side" because all the coloured girls ran right up behind me to sing boop, be doop, be doop, be doop, ee doop doop... :)


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15 Replies

  • Great song and good on you Chewy! Yeah, temperature's are weird. I've had a lifetime of translating celsius into farenheit, miles into ks and I still bake cakes in pounds and ounces! Over here it's brass monkeyish before 9am (8 degrees this moring) and then shoots right up to the high 20wenties around noon -- so I run in the afternoon so that I don't need a jacket that i'll trip over as it prolapses down to my ankles as I run. Have a good day!

  • Your children are about the same age as ours so I imagine you also have the same translations as we do.

    "How far is it..."

    "About 10 miles..."

    "What does that mean ?"

    "er, 15 minutes or so"

  • Ha, I am the same with Fahrenheit, when people tell me it is 'over 70', I don't have a clue! Anyway, as you will have found out, 13.3 C is probably quite warm when you are running! Well done on finishing Week 8, great start to the day, 3 to go! :)

  • I think you're in the right though, I'm old fashioned. Although having said that, the Americans always translate things into metric for me and I have to encourage them not to, I don't speak metric ;-)

    and yes, it was warm.

  • I'm with rubbishrunner 13.3c is warm once you've been running a while - I'm actually looking forward to the predicted cooler temps. Glad to read your extra rest day did you no harm Chewy, by this stage you will have built up your fitness even though it might not always feel it. Put that bad run behind you & keep going towards graduation, have you decided on a special playlist?

  • I've not considered the final play list, that will have to be a careful consideration especially that very last track.

    I think you're right about the fitness and part of my problem on Monday was that I'd pushed on previous run achieving a PB but in hindsight that needed an extra day of rest, I should have realised.

  • That's something I tend to do - push myself, get the PB and then the bar is raised leading to disappointment when I slip back as I inevitably do. It's all leading in the right direction though, bet you wouldn't have believed this of yourself 9 weeks ago - be proud. :-)

  • Yay, you're in the final stretch now Chewy. Glad to hear you ended week 8 on such a positive note. Enjoy your graduation runs. You've worked so hard for this. Not long now :)

  • Thanks Fraz, I'll be behind schedule but I decided that this isn't work, I don't have deadlines, I'm just trying to get fitter.

  • woohoo! 3 runs until graduation for you and then the running world will be your oyster! :)

  • Thanks Roller - I'm not convinced that running will ever resemble a small mollusc that tastes of snot though ;-)

    (Not a fan of oysters, larger sea food yummy, shell fish always seem a bit desperate to me).

  • Brilliant (again!). LURVE that track, part of the soundtrack to my childhood! (it came out in 1972 when I was 11 - eek!). Can't believe the Beeb had it on their radio 1 playlist in those days, we were so naive we (my siblings and I) used to sing along to it with NO idea of what it was all about - eek again!

  • Home run now Chewy. Keep up the good work, because you are definitely getting there. It is just amazing to think of how far any of us could go in the first week compared to now. Enjoy the last week. The two minutes do make a difference but it might not be a big one for you. Good luck and let us know via your ever entertaining blog. Cheers!!

  • well done on your great run. I'm pretty much converted to celcius now, to the point that I can't really remember F! I'm looking forward to cooler weather so that I can wear my new gear though :-D

    Enjoy week 9, you will have your shiny new badge soon!

  • Fab, Chewy, you must feel so good about that run! Love Lou Reed, I really must devote some time to putting together some good tracks for when I can run again (I've got shin splints and can't run for another 10 days at the very least, boo hoo). It's dismal. Though I had a great swim yesterday which proved to me how much fitter I've got since doing C25k.

    Only 3 runs to go! Woo hoo! We'll all be there on the finish line to cheer you across it!

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