The psychology of getting ready :)

My NYr is of course to pick up the running again. I had a great, if short, run on NY's day, so was due to go again today. I checked out of the window and couldn't see any raindrops hitting the lake on the village hall's flat roof, so got ready, opened the door - and it was mizzling. You know that really fine drizzle that soaks you through before you realise?

However - and this was the interesting bit, for me - there was no way I was going to go upstairs and change out of my running kit, so I went anyway. I changed my plan, thinking that I would just do there-and-back-again to the leisure centre, one mile away, but as I got closer, a funny thing happened. My thoughts went something like, "You're wet now anyway. It wouldn't be much further to do the loop round the church. Then perhaps you could run up to the end of the road." And so on - and the happy thing is that I did the whole loop, running for 26 minutes. Well, I fib slightly - I walked up my hill because I was so knackered, not having run properly since mid-November, but as soon as I was back on the flat I ran again.

So, for all of us who struggle occasionally with motivation, and that little devil on the shoulder who says, "It doesn't really matter if you don't go today. You could go tomorrow instead." - in future I will go and put my running kit on, because that's the hardest bit. Even if I tell myself that I don't need to go very far, that might translate into , "Well, you're out here anyway so you might as well go to the next junction/lamppost/pub."

Fingers crossed!


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  • Totally agree! I'm exactly the same. If I can't be bothered to get out there and I feel I am making silly excuses, I go and put the kit on anyway. Without fail, I'll then go for a run. Doing this hasn't let me down yet.

    Sometimes I wish I could just wear the gear all the time, as I feel very different about myself with it on. It makes me feel sporty and that I can achieve things! Odd really.

  • Isn't it odd? It's the first time it's really happened to me, and it was a real lesson. In future, instead of dithering, I will go and get the kit on and that will be me - hopefully!

    And, by the way, we can achieve things! We have graduated :D

  • Of course we can! We are C25K graduates, we can take on the world! :D

  • Brilliant Anniemurph! Happy NY running!

  • Thanks, Delia - same to you! Are you back on track now? I found it difficult after the break, but inspiring that it was the start of the new year :)

  • Never underestimate the power of the new year! Have you noticed how busy it is here at the moment, both with C25K newbies and graduates considering their next challenge. It's great!

  • I'm running 3 times a week but every single calorie consumed is slowing me down!

  • Never mind, Delia - I'm sure you'll shift them soon! Happy running x

  • Lovely, lovely!

  • It's all very odd :D

  • Well done Annie! You took the step and now I'm sure you will be fine. The kit does make you feel different and good - it's like a superhero's outfit I think!! Happy running! Sue x

  • Ha - I love that, Sue, "like a superhero's outfit" !!! Yes - like Rollertoaster said above, I feel different when I have the kit on :D

  • I often have this 'thing' sitting on my shoulder saying stuff like...'your tired, walk for a bit' or...'it's a bit of a steep hill, walk' - sometimes I do listen to the 'thing' and do what it says and other times I knock it off and carry on!

    Ran twice this week on our treadmill but am going to venture out tomorrow as the weather is decent!


  • These 'things' are dreadful, aren't they, Lou :) Enjoy your run tomorrow - hope the weather is good for you,


  • This has been my main hurdle. I've now completed the 9 weeks but throughout I would just get up and put my running gear on straight away. I would then procrastinate for a while (play on the iPad, do the ironing, tidy up etc) until I eventually made myself get out of the door. There was no way I'd take off my running gear without being on a run, that was the ultimate failure, not even trying.

    I also think making it visible or easily accessible has a big impact too. When I see my kit it reminds me I need to go and also I try to have everything at hand so I can just go.

    It's amazing how much further we can go even though we expect we won't be able to. I managed my best distance yet in 30 mins today (only 4.3k but still a personal best). I thought I'd take it easy as I hadn't been running for a week due to Christmas/working nights/being ill. We need to have more confidence in ourselves :).

    Keep it up.


  • Ah, procrastination - I love it! A good idea to have your kit visible as well - I hadn't thought about that, but of course you're right, it is a good reminder.

    What do you mean, 'only' 4.3k in 30 minutes? I think that's great! Well done :D

  • Thank you. I look at all the graduates who are doing 5k in 30mins and I just want to be there already. I have to admit I'm a bit hard on myself.

    Also looking to start the bridge to 10k podcasts soon too :)

  • Many years ago our daughter asked "Dad, what does procrastination mean?" I told her to look it up in the dictionary, to which she replied "I'll do it tomorrow". It took her a while to work out why we fell about laughing but it's now become one of our family legends!

  • That's brilliant! She'll never live that one down :)

  • Well done Annie.

    Keep on Running :-)

    Colette x

  • Thanks, Colette - hopefully I can continue with the motivation again and get back to running 5k regularly :)

  • I graduated last Spring and still sometimes find it hard to motivate myself - yet I feel so fantastic when I've done my run!


  • Isn't it odd, Lou - we know it will make us feel great and yet sometimes it's still difficult to get out of the door. Happy running to you :)

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