I think I must have caught a bug :o I honestly can't think what else would have me up early in the morning waiting for those first etchings of light so I can go for a run in the rain! I'm also beginning to understand why everyone wears leggings (or is it tights??) as my jogging bottoms got rather soggy around the bottom.

I'm also presuming that it's ok to stop to do up your laces in the middle of a run without meaning it's a fail? Anyway, just in case, I tacked on a bit of extra running at the end :)


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14 Replies

  • Blimey Hil, out at dawn in the rain, you've got it bad. Yep, shoe tying comes under 'elf 'n safety, so is completely acceptable. Nearly there now :)

  • Oh thank goodness for that! Cos if it didn't I had visions of me trying to tie my lace whilst hopping down the road and I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet ;)

  • Yes, in my opinion there's definitely a touch of insanity about running, but also something of extreme common sense! Well done, Hilly, you're doing so well! As a certain young lady keeps saying, "Keep going, you're doing great!"

  • Thanks :) Where would we all be without Laura?

  • Hey Hilbean . You sure are a runner now and you are on the cruise to your graduation run. I am looking forward to congratulating you- guess it will be one of the first new year honours!!!!!

  • Thanks Juliejam. Certainly looking forward to that day :) Should be just before New Year if all goes according to plan. But one day at a time eh ;)

  • I too was dressed and ready for the twilight to break so I could get out there - we're now officially weirdo running addicts but judging by the lovely people on here I think its a good thing :D

  • Haha! :D It's nice to know we're in good company isn't it :)

  • Well done Hil! I waited until the frost we had here had disappeared but there were still little icy patches on the path around the lake when I got there.

    Can't wait for Father Christmas to come as he's hopefully bringing me some tights so I can ditch my flappy bottoms. Hate it when they go all soggy and slap around my ankles!!

  • Well done on getting out in the ice!

    Ooh new tights, how lovely :) Yeah, those soggy bottoms really aren't so great are they!

  • Well done Hilly !

    Oh my shoelaces are the flippin' bane of my life to be honest ! I tie 'em too tight and my feet go numb, I tie 'em loosely and then they come undone . I am always having to stop and re-tie 'em !

    I always add on a little bit at the end for shoelace pit stops :-)

    Good luck for the next one , keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppypug.

    Those shoelaces definitely have to be done right! I can be enough of a klutz at the best of times so I daren't risk leaving them flapping! Nice to know you add a bit on the end too :)

  • Welcome to the madhouse hilbean! You're definitely a member!

  • Thanks! :)

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