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Another tick in the box :D must admit had to fight for that one ,mind was wondering all ove rthe place !! got through it though :D My pace is quite slow but i do get into a good rhythm :D

No lace problems today , double knot !!! thanks for that advise :D

1 more to go on saturday , definitely feeling the longer runs but not going give in ,that graduation badge looks very nice :D

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just worked out that i ran approx 3.2km in 25 mins is that slow or ok ?? i reckon if i could run 5k it would be about 38 mins ish ish lol is that right? blimey if it is ! slap round teeh face with a wet fish :D

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Well done Rob... like you I also struggled a bit tonight....hey ho :-)

Interesting to hear your running times as we are both at the same level and are roughly the same age and perhaps have had similar bad health record in the past :-) ... You pace works out to 7min 48 Secs per km.... My run tonight was at an average pace of 8min 50secs... so you are faster than me! Well done. :-)

Suppose we have to take all the advice on board that pace can come later.

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Slow_RobGraduate in reply to AndyD

thanks Andy :D glad to get that one out of they way :) it feels dead slow to me although i knew i was running a little faster as I reached my turn around point further on today.

Its definitely more a mental thing now than physical ,i am determined to get through all the runs :D

hope your R3 goes well when you do it Andy :)

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Well done, Rob. I think we all get those all over the place tough runs! Wish I knew what I was doing so different on those days. Have a good run 3! :D

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Slow_RobGraduate in reply to Tikiczocky

thanks Tiki :D i wont say where my mind went :D

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Great stuff Rob ! I always found the Weeks Run 2's a bit of a mare , but you did the right thing , you dug in and that's that one done and dusted . Big tick for you :-)

Don't worry about your pace, youre doing great. That'll all sort itself out and you will find what works for you.

Have a good rest day tomorrow and then go out and smash Run 3, all the very best to you :-) xxx

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Thanks so much poppy :D looking forward to the rest day tomorrow , even going to splurge out on a very unhealthy pizza and chips for tea :D little treats wont hurt :)

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Well done and good luck on Saturday.

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Slow_RobGraduate in reply to Jo55

Thsnk you Jo hope your runs go well too :-D

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I know this sounds crazy Rob, but sometimes keeping ones mind on other things can really help. I was running up a hill once when the music from my kept stopping. I was getting more and more irate trying to get it going again without having to stop running and I made it to the top of the hill before I even realised it! I reckon more than half of this running lark has to do with the brain!

Anyway keep running. You are doing great and don't worry about how fast you are going, that improves over time almost without trying.

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Slow_RobGraduate in reply to King9fisher

Thanks kingfisher I get what you mean. It is definite more a mind thing now :-D

Congrats rob and there's nothing wrong with your time, same run same amount of time 3kish for me.

Just keep your eye on that shiny, I am sure I saw yours it was right next to andys and mine.

Have a good rest day

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AndyDGraduate in reply to Determined_flump

Thanks Determined... looks like our badges are being prepared and are sat ready to go! :-)

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Slow_RobGraduate in reply to Determined_flump

Thanks determined :-D week 8/9 really dont seem so daunting now

Thanks will have a lazy evening

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