Feeling down and a bit stupid... and slow :-(

This week I'm on Week 8 and tomorrow morning I will complete Week 8 Run 3. Week 8 Run 1 was my best run so far - the first time I felt like a real runner at the end of it! However the last few runs have also coincided with my recent downloading of Runkeeper onto my phone and therefore being able to compare myself against other people. And I'm really wondering whether ignorance wasn't bliss! I suppose after reading lots of the posts on here talking about distances run I was curious as to how I was doing. I first used Runkeeper on Run 3 of Week 7. I didn't realise you could turn off the awful american robot voice broadcasting my progress every 5 minutes, and I found the intrusion really distracting and demoralising (plus it paused Laura each time so that I ran for slightly longer than the 25 minutes - not a problem though).

On Week 8 Run 1 I turned off the voice and relaxed into the run, and I really enjoyed it and felt strong, even speeding up at the end, as Laura suggested. But at the end of running the first thing I felt compelled to do was check the distance I had run. And then of course what I wanted to do was compare myself. I compared myself against my twitter friend, who is my only other friend on Runkeeper. I allowed myself some leeway since she has been running a lot longer than me, at least a year longer, if not two, I think (she was about 5 minutes faster over the same distance). Then I compared myself against others on here, and found I was probably average for this stage - which is fine. I could accept this.

However yesterday we went to visit family, which was lovely.. we had a really relaxed day enjoying the sun, chatting and quaffing wine with my husband's step sisters who we haven't seen for ages. I mentioned I'd started running and was able to run for 28 minutes non-stop and that I'd nearly finished the C25K programme. Pride comes before a fall, I suppose! They hadn't heard of it, but one of my step sisters-in-law mentioned that she'd got into running earlier in the year, just off her own back, and had managed just over 5k (3.something miles in 30 minutes). She remembered because she'd been really proud of herself, and had kept the record on her phone on MapMyRun, from back in February. She read it out to us. So I said 'Wow, that's brilliant, I can only do 3.6km at the moment' "Oh, but I thought you said you'd nearly graduated? How many weeks have you got to go?" she asked. 'Just over one week left' I answered. So she laughed and wondered how I was going to make up another 1.4km in 2 minutes. I tried, weakly, to explain about the C25K being about working up stamina to be able to run for 30 minutes non-stop rather than run 5k, how I was proud of myself since at the beginning I couldn't even run for one minute etc etc etc... But basically after that I just felt completely stupid and useless (it doesn't take too much to make me feel like this, it has to be said). Oh, and by the way, it's nothing to do with age, since I am exactly one week older than her.

So now I'm feeling exceedinly deflated, even though I keep telling myself it doesn't matter, we're all different, I should take things at my own pace, I'll get there, it's not how fast you go, it's stamina that counts, this time eight-ish weeks ago I couldn't even run for one minute (oh, and since I started the programme my mother has died and I've had her funeral to organise blah blah...). I've tried reading all the posts about the 5K/30 minute controversy and tried to take in all the encourageing points people have made on the forum, but really all I have focused on are the posts from people who have been able to run 5k in 30 minutes in Week 6, or the people who can already run 10k a few weeks after graduating etc..

so, well.. basically I'm feeling really shit about myself... (PLUS I've not really noticed any weight-loss/change in body shape, as others on here seem to have done)

and I suppose I just wanted somewhere to sound off about it.. so thanks for listening...



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  • I make it to about 3.5 k in 30 minutes and I will graduate with my next run - I don't think many people can manage 5k straight away, even Laura says she didn't get that far. You are doing what you can do which is just as good as anyone doing what they can do if you see what I mean. I am putting on weight not losing due to being starving and eating everything that's not nailed down. However, I can jog for 30 minutes, I do feel better and have more energy and my blood pressure has improved. You must have similar improvements that have happened as a result of your running. You are saying all the right things about stamina and building on running for one minute to 30 minutes being important, you just have to believe them! I think you'll find that everyone here does. As your very fortunate sister-in-law found that it was a bit easier for her to get to 5k, you are the one making the bigger effort and the greater achievement. Don't let her get to you, you are on track!

  • aww.. thank you, Rosebery.. me too, I eat anything that isn't nailed down! (especially since the house is full of english 'goodies' at the moment - ie crap like quavers, crunchies, ginger beer, mini Cheddars, Hula Hoops etc etc - since husband got back from a rare trip to England in his van!

    Thanks so much for your understanding..


  • ok.. will look forward to getting my 'graduate' badge in the next week or so :-)

  • Oh Petraj I'm so sorry you are feeling like this. Now STOP!!! You have done fantastically well, running for 28 mins is a brilliant achievement and (I hope you don't mind me saying this) but it was nasty of your sister in law to belittle what you have done. Time and distance will come. Look back at week 1 and look now at the increased distance you are covering. I chose C25k as it seems like a sensible way to start running with a reduced risk of injury. Heading out and running 5k in 30 mins as a first run seems a little silly to me, although I also have to admit you would have found me upside down in a ditch long before the end. I am just starting week 7 and have no change in my weight nor size. I am hoping this will come over time. Maybe it would help to just track your run once a week or every couple of weeks instead of every time. Chin up you are doing great!!!!!

  • Thank you Thp42, maybe you're right.. maybe actually what I should do is simply jack in Runkeeper until after I've graduated, but once you've started it's compulsive to keep logging those kilometres on the activity log.. so childish!!!

    I'll go for a nice run on my own early tomorrow morning and I'll probably feel a lot better.

    Thanks so much for your encouragement.. and you're doing brilliantly too :-)


  • It's not childish at all. I have just started using map my run and as long as it is encouraging you and not making you feel crap then it's fine. We shall get those Kms clocked up in no time..

  • Oh Petra don't feel down!! I have to say, without wishing to offend you, that I think your sister-in-law was being a tad mean. I could be wrong, but it sounds like a little bit of family point scoring. It's awful to laugh at someone else's achievements, especially as you were (quite rightly) very proud of what you've done. Some people are naturally quicker than others, some have more stamina, some have the best of both worlds and can run fast for a long time. Most of us just do our best and try to improve little by little, week after week. If your sister-in-law did 5k in 30min in February but hasn't gone beyond 5k, or gone any quicker since then, then I reckon she doesn't run regularly. Keep your head down and stick with the programme and, little by little, you'll get faster and stronger. You know the story of the tortoise and the hare........

    Carry on enjoying your running and keep celebrating your achievements. Don't compare yourself with anyone else for the time being. There'll be plenty of time for that later if you want, when you've graduated, done a few Parkruns. Good luck Sweetie. Keep posting and stay strong x

  • Thank you 'Ancient Mum' (and I bet you're not that ancient either!)

    Yes, I suppose it was a bit of point-scoring, but maybe on both our parts. Perhaps I came across as a bit boasty, so she thought she'd bring me down a peg or two.. who knows! No, she admitted herself that she doesn't run regularly 'finds it hard to fit it in around work' - but this almost made it seem worse when she said that.

    I shall try and just pit myself against myself in future since it's nice to be able to see a little bit of progress.. 'petit à petit' as they say round these parts.

    Bottom line is I'm loving having the motivation to get up and out early, with my dog, and jogging along watching the morning unfold.. that's actually the best bit for me.

    :-) x

  • Ah families-they can bring out the very best and the very worst in us!! Glad you're sounding a bit more upbeat now x

  • You should be feeling very proud of what you have achieved! Maybe step sister-in-law feels a tad threatened by your new found fitness. You are doing fine, you will get faster, fitter, get more stamina throughout the programme and beyond, if that's what you choose to do. We are all individuals, you can only really set your own goals and you cannot compare yourself to others. (I know that it is easier said than done) Think of all the benefits to your health and the distance you can run now, compared to eight weeks ago. After I graduated it took me about 45 minutes to run 5k, gradually I am improving on that time, my goal is still to do it in 30 minutes, but it is just that, my goal. Everyone on here has different goals, achievements, fitness levels etc but we do all encourage each other so ignore her, come on here for our cheer leading, you are doing just fine. x :-)

  • Thank you.. I really am feeling better already - everyone's so lovely and encouraging and non-judgmental on here. And really well done to you for running 5k! That must feel like a real achievement!


  • Oh what a shame you are feeling so low. Please don't. I was a bit low too at one point and the lovely people on here sorted me out in no time with their lovely comments. You have done so well to get this far and you will get even better if you stick with it. You will, you will, you will! If you give up you will lose so much, so don't even think about that.

    I have actually put on weight since I started and was a bit down about that, I haven't noticed any change in shape either, but I am absolutely certain there are some benefits inside me that I don't know about. I do know that I couldn't run for a minute at the start of May and on my last run I managed 5k running non stop. It took me 40 minutes but I was so pleased to have reached the 5 k at last.

    Good luck with your next run, can't wait to read all about it. :)

  • I'm feeling much better now, thanks Mrs Sparkle! Everyone's so lovely and encouraging and understanding on this forum. It's so true we have come such a long way since starting. I will get up early and go running again tomorrow.. don't worry - I wouldn't dream of giving up!

    Wow, that's brilliant you managed the big 5k! Congratulations :-) x

  • just wanted to say I graduated months ago and am doing a half marathon on 6 Sep...........and Im nowhere near 5k in 30 mins, think the closest Ive ever got is just over 33 mins.

    So be kind to yourself :)

  • Thank you for the reassurance, Moosetgoose! Wow, good luck for your half marathon in a few weeks - that's amazing! x

  • Please don't feel bad - you are doing wonderfully well and have come such a long way since week 1! When I ran this morning I tried to 'overtake' a man walking his dog, which must have looked really stupid as he was walking as fast as I was running! We were probably side-by-side for about 30seconds - I suspect he slowed down just to get rid of me! Sometimes I think the pigeons are going faster than me! But it doesn't matter at all. Be proud of yourself for making it all the way to graduation - we're right behind you cheering you on!

  • Brilliant story.. that made me laugh so much, thank you CKC1!!!

    :-D x

  • You don't have to run fast, you just have to run... Simples...

    I still rarely do 5K in 30 minutes and I've signed up for a half marathon next year... don't worry about your pace... pace comes with practice and time...

    The MOST important thing is "running for 30 minutes"... Aussie shall hear nothing else :)

  • Yep.. I think I should be able to do the 30 minutes running business.. just one more 28 minute run tomorrow then on to Week 9.

    Thanks for the sensible advice, Aussie :-) x

  • No feeling S**T allowed! you are doing brilliantly and well on your way to graduation :) just think how far you've come, its definitely not about how far you can cover but keeping going and building stamina! I haven't yet got to 5k in 30 mins,(graduated in March ) i'm aiming to get there , not far off now but just pleased that i can keep on going (even though my head tries to tell me otherwise quite often!) I didn't lose any weight either but i reckon if you had a before and after photo(i wish i had done) you'll see a difference in tone i bet! garmins and runkeeper are addictive but sometimes its nice just to go out on your own and not worry about stats! Sounds like your fitness regime is better than your step sisters anyway!!!! :)

  • Oops yeah.. sorry for swearing without the *beep* function engaged!

    No, I didn't do a before photo either, that would've been a good idea (..I think..). What I really meant to do the first week was measure my vital statistics, then do it again at the end, but of course I never got around to it (probably coz we can never find a tape measure when we need one in this house).

    I shall keep plodding on and try not to worry too much about speed. I think you can feel in yourself whether you feel like 'stepping it out' a bit. Will see how I feel tomorrow.

    Good luck with reaching your goal! :-) x

  • don't worry about the beep function thats just me!!!!!!!! sorry! No "feeling Shit" necessary!!!! i feel rebellious now!!!! Well done on your progress, keep on going.

    Know what you mean about the tape measure going missing! me too! also scizzors in this house! :)

  • I can't run 5k in 30 mins but I can run for 29 mins more than I could when I started C25K. I haven't lost any weight but my legs have toned up beautifully. My children are impressed with me. I have got out of Saturday morning supermarket trips because now I do park run instead. My aerobic fitness has massively improved and now I can zoom up hills on my bike that I used to struggle with. I am sure that you have improved in many areas too. Be proud of what you have achieved for you, it's your adventure and try not to worry about what anyone else is up to.

  • Brilliant advice, Henpen.. thank you. Wow, it's win-win for you - lovely legs AND getting out of shopping! Come to think of it I may have noticed a little bit more definition on the side of my thighs, so yes, something might be happening, slowly. I think my husband and my children are pretty impressed with me too.. I'd been going on about wanting to learn how to run for so long and never done anything, and I have to thank my 11yo for coming with me on the very first C25K run to get me started in the first place.

    Thanks so much for your encouragement :-) x

  • Who cares what anyone else thinks!

    You know all the positive stuff that comes from Couch so you don't need us to tell you and you don't need to justify it to anybody. It's a great programme and it will take you a long way if you want it to. Stick with it and don't let folks try and undermine your good work.

    My SIL always has a go at me at all our family gatherings. I think it must make her feel better about herself if she can try and diminish me in some way. I care not one jot and let it all wash over me. You can too. That gets right up their nose. LOL

  • Yes, you're right, misswobble.. I shouldn't worry so much about what other people think. After 46 years I should be a bit better at that, but that's something else I need to work on! Thanks for all your encouragement :-) x

  • What does it matter how fast other people run? I know people who do ultramarathons at higher speed than I do 5k, but it doesn't make my running any less running. In fact I have made a conscious effort to reduce my pace over the past month or two because I want to increase my time and distance. Ultimately it all depends on what your motivation for running is. If it is a competitive thing then once you have graduated you can move on to more specific speed training. If it is just for yourself then just do it for yourself.

    "Comparison is the death of joy" as Mark Twain once said.

  • That's a brilliant quote, and very true! I shall try and remember that.. Thank you, Rignold, for your wise words. x

  • How horrible! I ran my first 5k on my graduation run and it took nearly 50 minutes! Most people cannot cover 5k in 30 minutes at the end. My time is slowing coming down. I did 5k tonight and managed it in 43 but it's a VERY hilly route. I am park running on Saturday and am interested to see what I get. 5k in 30 minutes is tough! You have done amazing to get this far and things only get better! Ignore your sister in law.

  • Thanks for your encouragement and good advice, loubee.. and good luck for your park run on Saturday.. hope it goes well and you have fun! :-) x

  • Oh Petra, Big hug for you , you have done brilliantly, you have got up off that couch and you are doing something that will bring fantastic benefits to your health and general well being. Never lose sight of how far you have come. One more run , then its your Graduation Week -yay :-) If you can do 28 minutes , you can do 30 minutes, no problemo, its a measly 2 minutes more :-)

    Keep going Petra, you are doing amazingly well and blow a big raspberry to all the doubters :-) xxx

  • Aww.. thanks for the big hug, poppypug, I needed that!!! Yep, don't worry.. I will definitely keep going - but at my own pace :-) xxx

  • Aww, thanks KittyKat.. yep, everyone on here is so encouraging, it's lovely! I love your avi/profile pic, btw.. it's so cute!!! :-) x

  • Ah yes speed or lack of it.....earlier this week (admittedly near the end of my run, honest) I was overtaken by an old couple walking their dog! Don't feel down. You have done so well. Running for 28 mins is no mean feat!

  • hahaha!!! I'm sure you're just saying that to make me feel better! :-D

    This morning I managed to overtake a man dawdling along eating a croissant and carrying a skateboard under his arm, so I don't know what kind of badge that entitles me to???!!!

    Thanks for your encouragement and reassurance, Beth :-) x

  • Why are we so hard on ourselves , I understand you feeling disheartened , but wasn't that her intention ! I don't know her but like others have said it wasn't nice what she said . You should be proud of what you have achieved & I think she is jealouse of you if you want the truth .keep on doing what your doing & show her.

  • Aww, thanks Rockette! I didn't really think she was like that, to tell the truth, but I suppose human nature makes us all a bit competitive with each other.. It hasn't put me off, coz I do really enjoy the running, and I am pretty amazed that I can keep running for that long now.. so I will keep going. Thanks! :-) x

  • Don't you hate the petty point scoring some people do. If your step sister in law did it without a structured programme and doesn't go beyond 5k all these months later she must had a level of fitness already. Lucky her! You have worked hard and see your improvements. You have the support of many people on here who really understand your achievements and are as proud of you as you rightly are of yourself. On graduation you will continue to improve because you understand graduating is another step in getting as fit and strong as you want to be. She sounds like she's given up and uses work as an excuse. It's august now and the show stopping run she's boasting about was in February. Where is her improvement? It sounds like her intension was to belittle you. Don't let her. You actually have the upper hand as you already know I'm your heart that the race is only ever with yourself. You don't need to compete with what someone else did half a year ago and haven't improved on themself!

    You will get there on your own good time and we'll be cheering for you when you do

  • Thanks, Pollynorris.. brilliant pep talk!! That's definitely cheered me up :-) x

  • Oh Petra. You really listened to her? It's about you and your goals. Nobody else. Except for the folks on here that are pulling for you no matter what. Some of us are not at the 5k level when we complete 30 minutes. We build up to it after we graduate and you can too!

  • Well, you know.. it was one of those comments that kind of worms its way into your psyche and eats away at you in the background while you think you're having a nice time, whether you think you've listened to it or not... if you know what I mean?! :-D

    Thanks for the good sensible advice, Burgdude (great name, btw) :-) x

  • Ah you've done so well ! I'm just about to start W9 and my max is 3.6k. I've had similar conversations with ill informed people. Some have suggested they run with me now even though they haven't run before but think they're fit - makes my achievement seem less when they casually suggest this ! But I know how far we have come and how much it means to us.

    As for the weight - 8 weeks and a merger 3lb but I know my fitness is changing and now I think my shape is.

    The best part ..... I tell people I'm a runner now and I'm bloody proud to!

    Big up to us and sod off to the negative ones :)

    We rock and run !!

  • Jeez.. it must be lovely to be one of those people who can just put on some running shoes and step out the door and run 5k effortlessly with no prior training! haha!

    Well, I've done my Week 8 Run 3 this morning, so we're around the same stage, Ejbirdy.. and yep, we've come a bloody long way and I don't see everyone getting out and running 3.6k either (that's about my max too, although my route is pretty much on the flat, so not *too* taxing!)

    Here's to us, and Week 9 and Graduation!!! "Rock and Run!" (love it!!!) :-D x

  • Weird isn't it that we listen to negative people, ones we know to be negative and let them steal our joy? A nasty person I know (unfortunately, I wish I didn't) told me my running wasn't jogging, it's not even walking speed.... but I'm out there, just like you Petra and everyone else here, doing something I find a challenge and getting better at it.

    BTW my negative person had told me over years and years (yawn) that he can swim 4 KM in 40 minutes, I thought "goodness, that's more than twice as fast as me"... then he came to the pool with me, did four strokes yes strokes not KM and SANK!!!! I didn't laugh at him, well, only to myself a bit, no point in being like him. You enjoy your running, you're doing something amazing!

  • Tee Hee!!!! that's hilarious about your negative person, Curlygurly!!! don't know how you managed to keep a straight face :-D

    What's really weird is that there's people out there who get off on making other people feel small! sad people.. but I suppose they're the ones who make us stronger in the long run ('long run'... geddit??!! tee hee)

    sorry.. put that down to too much coffee, and the 'running high', maybe :-) x

  • Why do some people have to belittle others to make themselves feel better? (are you sure she didn't hop on a bus? :-)

    I only knew how far I was running after graduation (garmin was a present to myself) and have worked up to 5k and more from then - ignorance was bliss! I do think it is just about getting the 30 mins running under your belt and building from there, in my case slow but sure.

    You have very nearly graduated and that is a great achievement. BTW I didn't lose any weight until after graduation but saw I was a bit more toned and felt stronger and fitter.

    Good luck for your graduation week

  • Yeah, I kind of go more by distance and landmarks.. I always run the same route coz then I know how far I've run 'by eye' ..and I try and challenge myself to go a tiny bit further each time, like 'next time I'll go to that next telegraph pole' kind of thing! so then I know I'm making tiny improvements each time..

    You're right, Helen.. whatever cosmetic improvements we may or may not have made, we've all undoubtedly got fitter and stronger doing this programme, and that's really something to be proud of! Thanks so much for your encouragement :-) x

  • Firstly, get rid of Run keeper. When I started this running malarky, I made a conscious decision not to use runkeeper, garmains or any of that high faluting nonsense. Yes, it is useful to know things like distance covered, pace, BPM but for me, the more important result was weight lost. I'm not running because I want to win the London Marathon or to become the next Mo Farrah. I'm running for my health - therefore, the more important goals to me are improved health, which can be measured in things like weight loss.

    My "stats" are like many people. At the end of C25k, I was covering about 3.5k/4k with each 30 minute run (one route had a very steep hill, hence the lower distance covered). I am 20 weeks on from graduating and can only cover about 8k now in an hour's run. And that's after following a 20 week programme to get me to 10k.

    Some people are naturally good runners and can cover fantastic distances at amazing speeds. Most of us took up C25k to improve our health and you need to remember the reasons why you took up C25k. Everyone has different goals, and you need to think if you have achieved yours.

  • What? You're "only" doing 8k... "only"???? oh my god, but that's amayyyyzing!!!!

    Well, I actually keep managing to 'pause' or turn off Runkeeper accidentally after about 2metres over the past few runs I've tried to use it... it's quite hilarious (actually pretty bloody annoying) to do all that effort and look at my phone to check my stats, to see the tiniest, winciest ickle tickle red line on the map... I'm like WTF???!!!

    I suppose my goal initially was to see if I could do this running lark.. out of curiosity about what I was capable of? I've always wanted to run for many years. I remember trying it before when I was younger, but really not getting very far at all with it, coz I didn't understand about interval training or how to improve, or how to start slowly and pace myself. So in that sense I've achieved something I've always wanted to do, which is HUGE! Secondly I wanted to run to get fitter and tone up/lose weight.. so I guess that's going to be an ongoing thing - which is great too! I suppose with running you can always go that little bit further, or that little bit faster, so in that sense there'll always be goals.. it'll never be boring!

    Thanks for your great advice, tanyag.. and good luck on getting to the big 10K :-) x

  • Bless you :-) yes, when put like that it is a lot :-) however, remember it has taken me quite a while from graduation to get to this point. All I was trying to get at is that we are all different and we have individual journeys. I still have a lot of weight to lose: my weight loss through running was a lot lower than expected, but I'm starting strength training now to help with that. Running has given me a good foundation level of fitness to build on. Whatever our goals, I think running has become a truly important part of the lifestyle of everyone on this forum, and it is a wonderful part of life as it has helped us all in so many different ways.

  • I hope you've taken all the positive comments on here and feel better now! Remember how you felt after running for one minute and fast forward to how you feel now running for 28 minutes - that's an awful lot of fitness gained!! I haven't lost weight either - I think I was probably telling myself that I could eat certain things as I had been out for a run!! I've stopped that now and the weight is starting to come off, slowly. You've made a really positive lifestyle change so be proud and happy! Keep posting and we'll be here to keep cheering! xx

  • Thank you Spanner.. I'm feeling much better now. I've started Week 9 and I can run for 30 minutes! Yes, everyone's brilliant on here.. so encouraging :-)

  • Hey, don't worry, you're doing great! I learned a valuable and painful lesson about speed after I graduated in June. I nearly scuppered all 12 weeks of hard work by getting giddy and increasing my speed (yes it took me 12 weeks to complete C25K) - my poor old quads, adductors, abductors and whatevers screamed in pain for ages afterwards and I have only just back to completely pain-free running. But since calming down my stamina has increased and I was smiling to myself last night when I decided to do a 'short run' and then realised that the route was what I would have considered a very looooong run just a few months ago! And as for losing weight - pha! I put weight on : o But I now have a waist line and the cellulite is nearly all gone....

    Sod everyone elses times/distances. You are doing amazing! Speed and a lovely figure is just around the corner : D

  • Thanks scawby.. I'm feeling more positive, and I've only got two more runs until I graduate.. yey!!

  • The beauty of C25k is that you aren't pitting yourself against anyone else but yourself and it is progress against your former achievements by which you measure your your current level. You have only just started running and changes to your physique and ability will keep coming for years to come. Be patient and appreciate what you have already achieved.

    If you don't like Gwendolen P Runkeeper and her brusque American manner, she does have a British cousin, Annabel Runkeeper Smythe, who I liken to Julie Andrews whispering encouragement in her convent educated dulcet tones, or even consider Angelique de Runkeeper, who may be more appropriate for your part of the world. They are all available through preferences.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Hi Petra - I'm sure all the encouragement on here has made you feel better. There are older ladies at my gym who run wayyyyyyy faster than me but you know what? I'm running ... I'm doing more than someone who's just sat on their backside talking about it and that makes me feel good - hopefully you know this too!

    Yes, I've lost a dress size this year, but I already did a yoga class and I've upped my swimming distance since starting C25K and have also started a gym "programme" in the last couple of months. The best part for me is that I've noticed my resting heart rate has reduced and, as both my mum and maternal grandma died from heart attacks, that can only be a good thing!

    You're doing great - keep it up! :)

  • Hi Petra,

    Hope you have been or are still going for your run today x

    We are your running buddies and close 'friends' here because we've all done the same course and achieved the same results which is to be able to run for 30 minutes - and you are just about to do that no matter how many quavers you quaff! And you do deserve them btw :) when the fat turns to muscle it stores so much more water so taking a few measurements and seeing how you fit in your clothes helps.

    So sorry to hear your mum passed on, hugs from me in the East Midlands to you in sunny France.


  • I have been running nearly 3 years now and the best I have managed after all this time is 5k in 36:36 and I am happy with that. You are doing really well and I am sure you will managed your target eventually - it just takes time

  • Ooo, sod the sister in law! What you have managed to do is fantastic. Reading your post was like you'd read everything that's in my mind about how I feel when I talk to people about my achievements.

    You are unique, every single one of us on here and in our families is unique, we're all made up differently. I couldn't run 30 seconds without wanting to revert back to walking, and just a couple of weeks ago amidst being one of the slowcoaches at the back of a Parkrun event I managed to force myself to run for a solid 15 minutes. That's no more than 2km at my speed. Ok so it wasn't Usain Bolt quick, and I didn't look like Jo Pavey at the end of it... but it was MY achievement, not anyone else's. I was so excited and pleased with myself that I plodded/walked the remaining 25+ mins of the parkrun with a bit of a smug grin on my face. I was so excited that I had to tell my friends who had been waiting a good 10 mins for me at the end and then call my hubby to tell him what I'd managed to do. Needless to say they were only mildly impressed (they can already run 10k/half marathons and do Parkrun in about 25 mins). But I was BUZZING! :D. It proved to me that I am making progress, ok its slow progress, but everything is slow with me. One day I will finally manage to run the whole 5k distance, I don't care if its inside or outside 30mins for now, just to do it would be achievement enough; then I can work on my speed and get the time down a bit.

    What I'm trying to say (somewhat badly!) is that you should be proud of what you have been able to do too. Personally I would stop giving a toss what other people can do, stop comparing yourself to other people, its demotivating and will eat away at any sense of personal achievement. Plot your runs on a graph and see how you are improving. Your only competition is yourself.

    Well done, and good luck for the rest of your C25K programme.

  • First of all well done for running 28 mins xxxx it's very hard but well worth it xxxx second I think it was very nasty of your in law to say that....we all run at different speeds so all run different distances....distance is not the goal when you start it's about managing to run for a certain amount of time, the distance comes later.

    Today for the first time ever I ran 5 miles and it took me just over an hour....I'm not gonna lie I cried tears of joy at the end of it.....so does that mean that I didn't work as hard or push as hard as someone who runs it in 45 minutes? No it certainly does not, it means that that's how long it took me coz I'm not the fastest but I gave it all the welly I could and I'm very proud of myself.

    And you lady should be very proud of yourself, running for 28 mins is a big deal! As you said and as we all started off heaving for breath after 1 minute, so ignore your in law and focus on the fact that you ran for 28 mins!

    Ok telling off over :-) xxxxx

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