Week 7 and just finished run 2 and sort of felt discouraged a bit

Well I made it. I just can't figure out why the first 5 minutes are the roughest on me for some reason. After that I get into a groove of listening to the music and letting my mind wander a bit (counting the end of songs so I know roughly when I'm reaching half way). It's not easy mind you, but when I hear I'm half way though it just sort of kick starts me a bit. When I hear that I have only 5 minutes left, it's the final push.

And after I had finished and patted myself on my back, went back to my car, drank 2 liters of water and has some peanuts I saw some other joggers/runners on the trail and thought "Damn. I must look like I'm running at a snail's pace to them." And started to feel a bit discouraged. I mean, it's the third time running for 25 minutes. Shouldn't it get easier at some point? Luckily I then realized, "yeah, but you did it!" and felt a bit better.

So, does it get any easier? Any more comfortable? I'll keep pushing on, but just seems like it should start to be easier at some point.


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  • Well done for completing the run. I think most of us struggle with the first 5 minutes while you get into your stride and sort out your breathing.

    Does it get any easier? Well not at this stage because you are stepping up what you are asking your body to do each run. Just look how far you have come in the last 7 weeks. You will begin to get runs which don't feel quite so knackering and you will certainly get that real buzz of achievement, but it never really gets easy in my experience. And if it does you will be challenging yourself to run faster or further.

    Don't worry about speed at present - you will definitely get faster with time. Just be proud that you can run for a full 25 minutesb- not far off graduating now!

  • The first 5 minutes are always the hardest I find...and we are all on our own journey with running. It sounds like you are doing really well...It does get better but it doesn't get easier!!!

  • Don't worry, shadowmichael you are not alone. In the first five minutes I still feel like an imposter. Am I really a runner? What makes me think I can do this? And then suddenly the breathing and legs seem to synchronise and I get in the 'zone' (the slow zone for me, but who cares :) )

  • Have only done one 25 min run so far but even in the shorter runs I feel it always takes me 6 or 7 minutes to get into my stride. No idea why that should be. You would think while you are fresh it would be easier.

  • I too have just done W7R2 & felt exactly the same. I have to keep reminding myself that I was struggling at 1 min - so even though I know I could walk faster I'm very pleased with myself. We may be slow etc but we're not on that sofa!! :-)

  • Me to. Was so pleased with first run of wk7 but really had to grit my teeth got the 2nd one hoping to do run 3 tomorrow

  • You have to get fit before it gets any easier, and to do that you have to keep running, plus other exercise such as swimming, cycling, walking etc to make you fitter overall. Good diet too. If you stick with it you'll soon start to notice how much better you feel. Make sure you take your rest days and get plenty of sleep

  • It happens to most of us at some point. Seeing those other runners maybe you could ask yourself things like, How long have they been running, what other exercise do they do, and so on. As with anything worthwhile, it takes time to reach the sort of stage where these people look so good - even Mo Farrah wasn't born with his feet wrapped in Asics! You are doing well and you are doing it for you, it is your journey. Enjoy your achievements and celebrate them. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.

  • All great advice above - I am another who finds the first 5 minutes the hardest and have to battle with the "I'm never going to make it" voice in my head. I reached week 7 before then had to take a break due to an injury - I've just done W6R2 (having restarted the programme at W5R1) and I think it may be slightly better this time around. I don't care what I look like or how slowly I am going - the main thing is you are out running and striving to get your body into a better shape than it would be if you were not so that's all that matters. Everyone has to start somewhere - keep up the good work, you can do it!

  • Same here. I spend the first five minutes of every run thinking that I'm going to have to stop and that I can't do it but once I get into it I'm ok. I run with friends who are all faster than me but it no longer bothers me, I just try and focus on what I'm achieving. When you see the other runners just remember that although they may seem faster than you, you don't know how far they're going or how long they've been out. Keep going and doing your best x

  • Yes I hate the first 5 minutes- have to keep telling myself not to worry,it will get better-and it does! We'll done for getting so far and don't forget, it's stamina- not speed that you are working on, you will get faster as you get stronger x

  • erm... I hatehatehate the first 12 - 15 minutes. After that everything seems to settle down! Well done for realising that you did it. And yeah, try not to compare - we never know anyone else's story :) For all we know, they are marathon runners and are actually just about to cry because they are going to turn back after a rubbish run of only 40 mins! Happy running to you - you are doing really well on the programme and you are a runner.

  • Thank you all so much. I am truly floored by all these awesome comments and all the encouragement. And I'm glad to hear that it's not only myself that has some of issues I'm having. I am now even MORE committed to finish the program and keep running until my race in November. I may not run the fastest (yet), but I am doing this and will continue to because in a few weeks I will be running for 30 minutes straight and that's something I thought I would never do.

    You are all full of awesomeness :)

  • I can only echo everyone else - even when I could comfortably run 8-10 miles, still the first 5 mins were always the toughest! Stick at it, you're doing great, & speed will definitely come with time. As the saying goes, you're still lapping everyone on the sofa!

  • I did W7R2 yesterday and it almost finished me off: slowest long(ish) run to date. I had my usual why-am-i-doing-this session at about 3 mins, and was alright for 10 mins or so, but just after halfway through hit a long uphill. Well, I've run uphill before, but my legs were like lead and I only just managed to keep running. Normally at the end of a run I have bit of energy left and can either speed up for the last minute or jog on for an extra minute but this time I just wheezed to a stop.

    I'm telling myself it was a just a rubbish run and the next one WILL be better.

    Those other runners you saw: bet they've been running for years - and even they had to start somewhere! Anyway, 25 mins is LOTS better than 60 secs. Onwards and upwards, as it were.

  • I could have written that! My last run was W8R1. The first 5-10 minutes of every run I'm convinced there's no way I'll make it but then I just keep on going. I was overtaken 3 times by other runners that sped off into the distance. I count the songs to give me a clue how long I've got left too!

  • You are doing fine  the first 5-10 minutes for me are always the worse and as for speed that will come later. I have just managed my fastest 5k but in doing so injured my hips so have now gone back to slow and steady while I try to undo the damage from going far too fast too soon. Please be mindful that you are loading on the distance so take it at your pace and don’t be tempted to try to speed up.

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