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Hard, Harder, and even more Harder!!!

Met an old friend for lunch and then couldn't really be pestered to go out running when I got back home. However, I'd already laid my gear out, so thought 'sort yourself out and get out there', and so that's what I did. I probably had a 'face on' when I set off because I really wasn't in the right frame of mind.

It was absolutely bitter and blowing a hoolie! Had a buff on, but discovered that I can't have anything over my nose and mouth because I can't get enough air in and feel like I'm going to expire! Legs were as cold as ice.

Took a different route because the main road was quite busy. Was ready to give up after about 5 minutes - didn't! Was definitely ready to give up after 12 1/2 minutes - didn't! Thought 'our Laura' had bogged off to be honest by the time I got to 20 minutes. My back was aching because I was bent against the wind - oh the joys of living in the wilds!!! I struggled with every step and wanted to give up. But, I wanted to carry on more! Legs felt like jelly at 25 minutes. Breathing was recovered in about a minute.

Only shed 1 lb this week - wish it was more because it's so difficult hauling over 5 extra stones on these runs.............!

So first run of Week 7 done - under duress!!! Run 2 I'm coming for you :D

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Well done.

Some days are definitely better than others. 10/10 for perseverance today - I am sure the next one will be better.

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to Dunder2004

Good Lord I hope so...xx


A real fight to the finish. Well done! It's not only your fitness that's increasing. It's your grit and determination too. That run 2 is quaking in its boots. 😊😊You're going to nail it!

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to McFitty

Thanks for the vote of confidence McFitty :D

Well done you for running in those conditions!

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to Now-runner_NeedsAttn

Roll on Spring...xx

Well done on ignoring those gremlins and getting out there. Don't be disappointed to have only lost 1lb this week - just think of all the fat you've managed to turn into muscle over the weeks, and don't forget muscle weighs more than fat. So 1lb lost AND 25 mins non stop running is a great achievement!

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to SlowSlowKwikKwikSlow

Thanks Slow! It is an achievement, but infuriatingly I didn't enjoy any of it :( Will have a different mindset for tomorrow's run...xx

SlowSlowKwikKwikSlowGraduate in reply to ANewMe2017

Just need to tell ourselves "The difficult runs make us stronger. The difficult runs make us stronger. The difficult runs make us stronger." And repeat as necessary.

They also give us the credibility to empathise with others going through the same, and to offer encouragement to keep them going.

Such a great community here. Thanks everyone!


I feel your pain!

Just come back from my run. Think I set off a tad too fast at the start after last week's big finish. Suffered for it at the end, but determined to keep on running to the bitter end.

Every step means more health though.

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to ianhtf

It's sooooo hard isn't it...xx


I have to say... Blimey! Well done...:)

Fighting every step of the way, quite literally and still doing it.. talk about True Grit!

This is supposed to be fun...but...if you can do it this way.. power to you!

There is no way that you will not achieve Graduation...awesome!

Onward and upward and whichever way you go.. you will get there :)

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss there was absolutely no fun in it at all yesterday, but tomorrow's another day, and I'm going to be thankful just to be able to bimble along...xx

OldflossAdministrator in reply to ANewMe2017

That is the only way... slow and steady! :)

Well done.


Go you! I did give up halfway through a run this week. Just couldn't do it for a combination of reasons. First time in the programme I've let myself stop, like you I've about 5stoneto lose and was going great guns until now. Never mind. Try again tonight!!

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to Exmoorllent

I can only imagine how much easier this will be when we're not hauling that mass about! What week/run are you on...xx

ExmoorllentGraduate in reply to ANewMe2017

I've just done second run of week 8. After a few false starts!

ANewMe2017Graduate in reply to Exmoorllent

Oooh, false starts! Shows just how keen you are :D ! Keep going...xx


I am so pleased you got out there! The old you would have stayed on the couch sleeping off that lunch 😀 The new you got out for a run. If you feel stuffed after a bigger meal than you're used to, and have that horrible can hardly walk bloated feeling, then it's best to go running

. It doesn't take long to make you feel better, and the calorie burn is going to help with the results at the weigh-in 😀

Always hang in there! If you feel,tired have a minute and then press on. Yes, the weather is not the best but just think what you'll be capable of when the warmer weather arrives 😀


It is easier to run light! You will get the weight off though but just keep going, hang in there, be like a rat up a drainpipe 😀

When you're not running, keep moving. Walking is great for weight loss. Leave the car at home as much as poss 😀


Well done for keeping going. Your run sounds like my W7R2 yesterday. Had to keep talking myself into keep going and telling myself how annoyed I'd be if I didn't finish it. We can, and will do this x Good luck for R2. I'm gearing myself up for R3 in the morning x

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