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W7R1 - What a struggle!

I don't know what went wrong at week 6 but ever since W6R1 I have been really struggling with the program. Up until then it was very manageable but lately each run has been hard for some reason.

Yesterday I completed W7R1 and in the first 5 minutes I knew this was not going to be an easy run, my calves burned and my legs in general felt like lead. I finished but it was a struggle all the way and I was jogging very slow, my feet were even dragging so it was more like a shuffle.

It's odd because I had absolutely no problems with W5R3 - the 20 min run, but now I struggle even getting to 20 minutes without feeling like I'm going to die. I think I'm going to start leaving two rest days between every run instead of one and see how that goes.

Well hopefully W7R2 goes better. :(


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Well done for getting so far. I think leaving an extra day's rest is a good one. Don' forget to warm up and do some stretching before you run too. Good luck and keep us posted! Chris


Hi there

I too struggle running 25 mins without stopping so you have my sympathies. I usually have to stop every so often, just for a few seconds. I did w7r2 yesterday & for the first 10 minutes i thought about turning round & going home, after that though my breathing seemed to settle down, still stopped periodically though, infact i ran for about 35 mins in total as i had quite a few stops. You maybe had a bad run which does happen but remember, this is w7 & think back to week 1, i remember thinking id never be able to run for 1 minute, never mind 20, so really well done getting this far, keep going! Its more of a mental battle than physical now, i think. Good luck though.


I think two rest days is a very good idea..... I am at the same stage as you - but only just back in the Plan recently as had to have 4 weeks off as knees giving me jip....I am due torn today, will see how I feel but I won't hesitate to rest the extra day. I really missed the running when I had to stop so am not pushing my luck. In the scheme of things - what's an extra rest day!


Hi Sherri, it might always be worth repeating a week too. I repeated week 4 three times it was my nemesis. After that things went really smoothly.



Hi I am at exactly the same stage as you. Just did week 7 run 1 yesterday. I am struggling. I find all the longer runs hard. However, I think it is totally a mental thing. The way I get through it is to think if I gave done it once I can go it again. However just wish I was enjoying it more like the earlier runs. We have achieved so much though think we just need to keep going and it will get easier! Good luck!


Hi Sherri. I've just completed week 7 and it was hard, I agree with you. But I'm a stubborn old thing and I found gritting your teeth and going slowly is the only way I could manage it. The feeling afterwards is always worth the pain of doing it!!

Also I think that those of us at this stage of C25K are now "grown up runners" and we are past the stage of being held by the hand, so to speak. It's still hard though!!! But in my opinion soooooo worth it.

Good luck!



Hi I really struggled with week 7 too I left extra rest days and repeated it for 7 runs till I felt id nailed the run ! I then had no problems with week 8 or 9 so keep at it mind over matter and your be fine and it will be week 9 before you know it good luck x kate x


Exactly the same for me! I have gone to Greece for two weeks and when I get back am getting new trainers, going back a couple of weeks and beginning again!! Whatever works for is ok, just keep on! Good luck


Hang in there. You've been a run ahead of me since I started and a real encouragement! I'm just enjoying a banana and glass of wine after completing W6R3 so am all set for Week 7. Good luck with run 2 - I know you can do it.


Hi - same stage as you and it is hard isn't it? I would definitely take an extra day rest. I have stuck to the weeks rather than every other day and over the last few weeks with longer last runs have taken an extra day each time so each week of 3 runs has been over 7 days - really felt like i needed it. Did manage to struggle though w7r1 but only by going very very slowly!


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