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W7R1 and I felt like a runner!!!


I got up and got ready waiting for my daughter to join me, she came down and wasn't feeling well so wasn't coming. If I hadn't been ready I would so easily have said ok we will go another time but as I was ready I went. Only my right thigh still aching so an improvement, but today I done my stretches both before and after.

I decided to take a different route around the nature reserve rather than round the park as I thought the change may occupy me better. My first few steps were uncomfortable due to my thigh and I thought maybe give it a miss today as your obviously not meant to run today. Mind over matter and I thought run it out!!

I set off round the nature reserve and realised oh dear what a wet muddy run this will be and also that due to some paths being gravelly puddles I could hardly hear Laura but not stopping to fiddle now. I could hear faint noises from Laura's ipod but the music from my other had my attention and I was actually pleasantly surprised by this new route although lots of up and down hills which I haven't encountered before. I really felt in the groove and then as I crossed a muddy verge I heard Laura say 20 minutes. Twenty minutes already I knew I had been running a while but already at 20 how on earth did I do that! I carried on finding the hills a bit more of a struggle now but so pleased with myself I didn't care. I knew from my music that my time was nearly up but another song came on and I thought must have started it a bit earlier so carried on. When that finished I thought this can't be right so checked Endomondo and I had been running for 26 minutes, totally missed Laura telling me I could slow down and I could have gone on longer. Laura was into her warm down walk.

I actually felt like a runner today and my girls said when I walked in wearing my new running capri's, top and running jacket caked in mud I actually looked like one!!

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Well done!! What a great blog! :-)

Glad you enjoyed it - a bit of distraction from less-than-perfect conditions can really help sometimes!

Good luck for the next few weeks - enjoy it :-)

karenmac70Graduate in reply to Stefliser

Thank you. Yes I think the distraction of a completely new route the concentration of trying to avoid too much mud so I didn't slip and the huge puddles definitely kept my mind off the time and any thoughts of aches or breathing. Just proves if your minds elsewhere what we really can achieve. Looking forward now to the rest of the course which only last night I was only thinking of the ordeal I still had to endure. Happy running!


Lovely to hear x

karenmac70Graduate in reply to justmole

Thank you. Good luck with your running!!


Absolutely amazing in the soggy conditions! Well done. Am still intrigued about how you manage to hear two different music/pod sources!! I sort of miss Laura but not her music... please tell us how you have two going at once??? Cheers, Linda :D

karenmac70Graduate in reply to LMS2110

I have one of those bum bags at the moment with my phone in with Endomondo running, also two ipods, both with their own earphones. I put my music up loud with the left earphone in and tuck the other earphone under the strap of my sports bra and put Laura on low so I can still just about here her in the other and do the same that side. Her music is more background than loud so she is always louder than her music when she speaks so I am able to then tune in to her, but as proves today not always!!! I can also still here Endomondo who I have no earphones for but what he says I can't say lol.

I am looking forward to just having the one ipod with my music but up until today felt I needed still to hold Laura's hand to complete this. I think I actually done better today not being able to hear her as when I hear how far I have been running those early 5 mins and 12 and a half make me think I still have so far to go I can't do it. Just proves what a mental fight this really is. That said without Laura and the help support and advice I have gotten from this site I would never have got this far.

Good luck Linda I believe we are at a very similar point on this course along with a few others so am always looking out for your blogs as knowing how everyone is getting along really keeps me motivated. Happy running!!

LMS2110Graduate in reply to karenmac70

Thanks Karen, yep have done W7 25 mins twice now, after fluffed first attempt :( Long days working both Sat &Sun so next/final W7 run on Mon. Most definitely a psychological challenge now - so plan to lose myself in my own music and scenery...not long til we graduate, eh? :D x

karenmac70Graduate in reply to LMS2110

And graduate we will!!!

lycranotlikelyGraduate in reply to karenmac70

However do you keep your ear phones in? I'd love to know because I can only run with a sports "headset" is it called? Perhaps I have funny ears that won't hold the bud ones?! Id love to be able to use them tho cos laura's music is most definitely not mine!

karenmac70Graduate in reply to lycranotlikely

I had problems keeping my earphones in but my daughter bought me two really cheap pairs off ebay that hook round the ear and the earbud goes in. I trialled them today and they stayed put. Mind I am still wearing one of those elastic headbands that I put over my ears so maybe this helps hold it in but it didn't always with just earbuds with no hook.

Messing around with the earphones really puts you off during a run but hopefully I have this sorted now.

Good luck with your running!!

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