W7R1 completed!

W7R1 completed!

Hey guys/gals,

Well, today's run was tricky! I currently live on the edge of a small industrial estate and I started my C25K plan mainly running around there, but recently (to make a nice change) I've decided to run around some of the footpath/cycle ways that criss-cross all the housing estates and small park areas. Ideally, I would still be staying at my sisters place in Cornwall and could run along the seafront or harbour, like I did a few weeks ago, but sadly I'll have to put up with what I've got on my doorstep for the time being! :(

So, I set off today past my local shops, up a footpath/cycle way and was then into the unknown! The only major thing I want to seriously avoid, is any inclines because that's what I really struggle with. I was doing ok, and then when I was just about past the halfway mark, I reached a point where I needed to go one way or another and both of them seemed to be going more or less uphill. Now part of the route I had already taken was going slightly downhill, so I presumed whichever way I choose to go, I'm having to go up some kind of incline, so I chose what I thought would be the easiest to manage and plodded on.

Now, so far on my C25K journey, I've luckily managed to complete all of what Laura has asked me to do without having to do any repeating or stopping with injuries or whatever. But, here we are on run 1 of week 7 and I had finally reached my breaking point and I had got to that point where I must stop as my heavy legs felt like they were just going to explode!! (My breathing was fine btw, it was just my legs).

Just on the verge of stopping my run, the incline levelled out and so I managed to continue to fight on! Then after a few minutes more I seemed to recover a bit and was simply feeling those heavy legs again and not the feeling that they were going to spontaneously combust! :D (Phew, that was very close!) I then continued on to successfully complete the run, and in fact, once again I even upped my pace (very slightly) for the last 60 seconds as Laura suggested. :)

I need to plan ahead I think, because although I don't find these longer runs easy, I only *really* struggle when I get to any kind of incline. After around 10 minutes of running I get those heavy legs, but I can fight on with that feeling, however if I get to an incline during that period of running I'm almost finished!

Update: I forgot to add my run log for this run! So here it is...

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  • Way to go Lee - seems you and I have both conquered today. I know exactly what you mean about those legs and the inclines - I'm still feeling like that but - hey - we're both still running and further than we did a few months back. Keeping with ya - all the way :-) x

  • Thanks dereham-girl :)

    And there's me thinking I was all on my lonesome again. I must make sure I don't sing out loud to my tunes in that case! :D x

  • Yea them hills....... I've been lucky as I have 3 choices and more on my doorstep all pretty flat, might explore another this week ...... Your continuing and maybe you'll find a hidden gem near you to explore even if it's a bit of a drive .... Felt so good today as earlier in the week was so hard

  • You are lucky to have so many nice running routes that are on level ground. I really struggle with any kind of incline so I need level ground in order to be confident of completing these runs. I will just have to plan ahead next time and not just go running off piste!

    Glad you had a good run yourself today. Nice one! πŸ‘

  • Fantastic! You thought you were going to have to stop but you pushed on and did it! That's absolutely brilliant! I am the same when I see an incline but going down the other side of it is lovely lol.

    Hopefully the heavy legs will lessen the more you get used to these longer runs.

  • Thanks debze.

    Yeah, it's fine when I'm running down any hills but trying to get up them is an absolute nightmare!

    I don't think I will be too bad if I can find a run where I stay on level ground for its entirety, but like you say, with every run I complete I should be improving my stamina and strength in my heavy legs.

  • absolutely! I remember puffing and panting trying to run for a whole minute! lol Now we are doing 20! Amazing really.

  • It certainly is! 😊

    Every so often I have to remind myself what I've already achieved so far, and like you say, it's amazing to think just a few weeks ago we were couch potatoes that could barely run a measly 60 seconds! :D

  • Well done!! I also do all I can to keep away from any inclines. I guess the ability to do this will come in time. Mustn't run before we can walk - Oh, I forgot - we already do!! Lets hope now these long runs will become marginally easier.

  • Thanks mate, and yeah I do hope you're right and it does get easier.

  • I'm really impressed that you can keep going even though you are having to work harder with those inclines. You must be getting really fit. Looking forward to my w7r1 tomorrow. Keep on running πŸƒπŸ» :)

  • Thanks Flossie22 :)

    I don't know about getting really fit...more like managing to just about cope with plonking one leg in front of another!! ;)

    Good luck with your next run!

  • Thank you! Good luck with yours too.

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