I really need to get my breathing in check. Had to slow down to a shuffle again to regulate the breathing (I don't run fast, but I stop paying attention to my breathing after some time), and more often than W6R3. But I shuffled on the entire time, and every time I wanted to stop I thought to myself "Run, Forrest, Run"! Gave me a chuckle and spurred me on each time.

I've been looking forward to the long runs, but now that they're here I'm undecided how I feel about them. I do love not having to break my rhythm for a recovery break. But today's run was harder than the 25 minute run of week 6. I think it's mentally much tougher in the beginning because you know you have SO MUCH LONGER to run for. So while you're physically fine, the gremlins are out in full force taunting you. Then when Laura says you've got 5 minutes left you're like "oh thank goodness", but by this time your legs feel like lead so while you're mentally relieved it's quite the struggle. I was ready to give up at the halfway mark today, but I didn't. Run, Forrest, Run.


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8 Replies

  • Well done for keeping shuffling, stopping is so tempting!

    Think I may have to adopt your mantra on my w6 r3- the thought of 25 minutes is making my bum squeak again ;)

  • It really works!

  • I found Wk7 R1 MUCH harder than the end of week 6. Run 2 was easier though. I have a much less sophisticated mantra to yours, mine is from Finding Nemo "Just keep, swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming......." on repeat in my head!

  • I'll try that one next time me :) thanks

  • Oh Shivani, this is the secret we have been keeping from you, apart from week 1, I found week 7 the hardest of all.

    As you discovered week 7 gremlins are clever little devils, much stronger and louder than the gemlins you've battled already. You are at that point when you're just starting longer runs and yes it's mental torture as your mind is still learning how to cope, and then it persuades your body that it's had enough, but don't despair once you have completed this week, week 8 is much easier to cope with and then week 9 is graduation week so you'll be totally focused.

    Plus you're running indoors so you don't have the same distractions we outdoor runners have.

    Perhaps you should concentrate on getting that box of chocolates?

  • Yes, the only thing to distract me is the squirrel that sometimes runs around the tree right outside the window the treadmill faces :) but the monotony allows me to focus on my breathing...when I remember.

  • Well done on completing the run :)

    Some runs do feel tougher than others at anytime, as for breathing yes running at a slower pace is good , your breathing should settle and as you say not thinking about is probably the best thing to do.

    Keep going you really are doing great :)

  • Thanks Rob!

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