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W7R1 - hardest yet

Evening lovely runners,:)

As the title says, I had a bit of a struggle with this one. Multiple reasons combining to make it difficult: (Warning, moaning coming up...!)

Particularly busy shift at work immediately pre-run - I do a physically demanding job so was really tired. Also feel like I might have a bit of a cold coming on - kids have got colds and none of us are sleeping well because of it. I bashed my thigh on a piece of equipment yesterday and have a hefty bruise which seemed to seize up and ache when I ran. And it was too hot.

My legs felt heavy from the off - even my warm-up walk felt a bit lack-lustre and I started wondering if I should be doing it at all. A couple of minutes in I felt ok but just low on energy. When Laura said "5 minutes gone" I was tired and hot but managing, but after a few more minutes I was starting to struggle. I got to the 20 minute mark and then was desperate for the end. I did make it to 25 minutes, and was so relieved to finish. There was no spring in my step as I did my cool-down walk.

I'm very glad I pushed through but it wasn't much fun at all. I have two rest days before my next run so hopefully I'll do better then.

Any words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated :)

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Hi atomic

I had a similar run for week 4 run 3 I think... crap day at work etc, and despite heading out excited to be doing the run I barely scraped through it.

But everyone's advice here was spot on - you did it so you have succeeded.

And despite the self doubt I followed their advice, viewed it as a success for finishing nonetheless and moved onto the next run - which was fine!!

Now I'm on week 6 run 2, so a couple behind you, so I can imagine week 7 is hard, but if you follow the same advice as I was given you will be fine.

See it as a success for finishing and put it down to a bad day. Rest and move onto the next run. We have to do this one run at a time.

Enjoy the rest days :)


Thanks, yes I think I just need a good rest :)


Well done for finishing. :) And at least you have a reason for your run feeling so tough. Many of us find that some days we just have good runs and others they are not so good and we don't know why. BUT every run is better than no run, which is why there are no "bad runs" just "not as good runs"


Words of wisdom indeed :)

Thank you!


Atomic - you know you are going to do it... This is simply a 'glitch run' where a few variables conspire to make it difficult - on other occasions the same few variables will conspire to make the run seem really super duper fantastico. One of the many things I'm learning is that once you get into the continuous runs, there will always be ups and downs. - Bit like life really :)


Yes, I'm gong to chalk this one up as a "character building" experience!


Well done atomic. It's hard enough running at times but with a cold as well. Go you. Onwards and upwards ;-)


Thanks Belinda, I fully intend to keep going - it was just a really tough one...

I'm sure I'll be back on track with the next couple of runs :)


Atomic you still need to be proud of yourself for not staying in and sitting on that couch! And then not to let it beat you is something to be proud of. Good luck with your W7R2. I also struggled with the same run last night, I'm not sure why I'm just hoping my next run is easier :)


Thanks, bluebell. I'm pleased I managed it. :)

Let's hope for an easier time of it next run!


Some days are just a bit "meh" but you managed to finish the run and it's done... well done you!

You need to rest up, put that run down to all the reasons you said and go out on the next one all rested and full of positive vibes... this is meant to be fun as well so if you're poorly or injured then an extra day of rest is absolutely fine... :)

Good luck for the next run - after 2 days rest you'll be surprised how fresh you'll feel! :)



Will put that one behind me, and focus on getting strong for the next one :)


It is a hard run - but you did it, well done.

As Aussie said, you'll be surprised at how fresh you'll feel after a rest - and I bet the next run will be a bit easier.

Don't be down if you find a run hard - it happens. Always be pleased with what you have done - let that be your focus.

Just a few more weeks to go and you'll graduate. You've come a long way, keep that in mind.

:-) xx


Thanks for the words of support :)

I feel better already today. Due to a change of plans, I'll now be running my next one after 1 rest day rather than 2 as I'd hoped, so I'd better shape up sharpish!


That's more positive! See; you have got your Mojo back!!

Get out and smash the next one :)

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Hi, I had a very similar run to you last Friday - week 6 run 3, so 25 mins like yours today. It felt like a bad run from the off. I had a short walking break in the middle and finished at 23 mins instead of 25 just couldn't do it anymore. I felt pretty miserable and disappointed about it for a couple of days and thought I'd never make 5 k one day ( the one thought/ goal that's kept me going).

Anyway, my next run this week was another 25 minutes - and it flew by, I felt so strong for the full 25 mins. Just a little rest and back to it. I reckon your next run will be fab!


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