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I appreciate I was reluctant to run today: I didn't wake up until 10 and procrastinated till 12:30 when I eventually set off.

As soon as I started running My legs felt heavy and my breathing was difficult but I kept reminding myself it would come good at 8 minutes, and that if it really was awful, I could walk (always works)

.I'm not sure it did get any easier but all I know is my HRM was recording my heartbeat at 156 - 164 but hey, I was still moving and hadn't fainted. Lol

When Laura told me I had ran 12.5 minutes I had a decision to make, turn around and reverse the run or keep on up to the main road and on the A38, so I carried on knowing there would be a longer run.

Well, at 25 minutes I ran another minute and then started to walk. I only walked a minute and decided to listen to some of my old gym music. Once I heard that, I carried on and ran another ten minutes :-)

I wish I could say it was awesome and easy but I can't, but I DID feel an amazing sense of achievement, although I just sat down as I ran in to my garden- and thanks to mapmyrun I can see I ran (including a 5minute walk-) 5.19 km in 41 minutes. :D an actually ran a whole 36 minutes! Who'd have thought it seven weeks ago? :D

However, When does it become an absolute pleasure? Lol

Janet (feeling pretty happy with herself)

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Well done Janet. A great run, no matter how you felt starting off. I have always found that it is very often the run you dont really want to do ends up being the best of all. Contrast that to feeling great, cant wait to get out there type of run which ends up being mysteriously rubbish :D

As for it getting easier. Let me know when that happens :D

To be honest, if it ever does get easy, you arent pushing far enough.

Good Luck with the future running. Graduation is so close

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Well done Janet!!! With that performance, I reckon you'll be doing your graduation run at a Parkrun :)

Helen x


Well done x for me I am never sure I enjoy it at the time but love the feeling afterwards.


Ahh, Thanks everyone :)

I am still thrilled i did it so maybe you are right about the after feeling and on reflection, the pushing ourselves further and challenging ourselves is why it is hard :D I will remember that when I am puffing, panting and complaining to myself.

Mamma_mia....I have been looking at the parkrun site and once i can comfortably (or uncomfortably) run 40 minutes, I do think I will have a go :)

Janet x


Wow, great run, well done


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