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I decided to pay more attention to my body whilst running today after the helpful comments I received after my last run so for the first 3/5 of the run I managed to pace my breath, breathing was not a problem and tbh neither was running. It was the negativity in my mind that was hard to battle. 4/5 through breathing was still ok but my legs were tired. Did work out in the garden yesterday so knew I would be a bit stiff today. My upper back was a bit niggly. The last 5th of the run, breathing was harder and muscles were all tired. It's interesting because at the start of the programme I felt that my body could go on for ages but I couldn't breathe and now I can breathe more easily but my body is tired. 

On a completely different note when I was out gardening yesterday i had to go into the house to fetch my gardening gloves and the secateurs. When I was walking up the passageway to the front of the house I looked down at my hands and found that I was also carrying the box of washing liqui tabs!!!! What's that all about???? 

Have a great weekend 😀😀😀

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  • Ha ha.  Welcome to my world!!!  I get half way up the stairs (or down) about 20 times a day and wonder what I'm going for!

  • Time to worry when you're stuck on the middle stair and can't remember if you are going up or coming down!!

  • I haven't done that one yet 😀

  • Yeah do that too 😉

  • Yeah do that too 😉

  • Ha ha!  I thought there was only me that did those inexplicable things!  It's when we're doing too much multi-tasking, and our internal wiring gets cross hobbled, a bit like one of those marvellous old switchboards.  The liquitabs was what you picked up by mistake for the box of 'ob knobs!  Poor you!  

    Keep up with the running. Slow but sure and you'll be fine.  Brook no negativity! Smile and go .......  Have fun!  

  • Thanks Misswobble hobnobs would have been better!!

  • Uh oh - senior moment! Comes to us all. Just wait until you put dinner in the fridge instead of the microwave hehe - doesn't work very well!

  • Funny Ullyrunnner!!

  • Yep, I do that sort of thing too. Walked all round town with a bottle of shampoo in my handbag the other day - it was in the bathroom next to my hairbrush and I picked up the wrong one 😱😱😱😱😱

  • So funny AncientMum. Would love to see you brushing your hair with a shampoo bottle 😉

  • 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Ha ha !  Good to know Im not the only one...

    Ive put a bottle of fabric conditioner in the fridge , put the office stapler in my handbag instead of my keys , and put my work trousers on inside out and didnt notice till I got to work ! Ha ha !

    How do I do them smiley faces please ? My smileys have disappeared :-( and my sad face too :-( xxx

  • One time I sprayed my hair with antiperspirant instead of hairspray 😂😂😂

  • Ha ha ! :-) xxx

  • Mine have gone too, Pops. Have to use the Apple ones on my iPad.x

  • I miss my smileys ! :-( xxx

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