W7 Update

Hi everyone sorry I didn't manage to put an update on after W7R1 just a mad weekend :D anyways it went fairly well considering it was an after work outing. The only real issue I had was Laura nipping off to make a coffee just after she'd I was 5 minutes into the run. At least I think that's where she went as there was silence all of a sudden. With a bit of marking time while I dug out my phone I managed to coax her to come back for the rest of the run. Before I knew it I was done.

Today however was a different matter. I was looking forward to the run, nice and early, legs fresh or so I thought. Yet when it came to it I found it to be my biggest struggle yet. Not sure why.. I know I had a busy, on my feet most of the day, day yesterday, and for some reason I was really hungry when I woke up. I didn't want to eat anything before I went so I just had some water, like usual. There were 2 or 3 times I almost went into a walk and really had to talk myself into not stopping as the legs didn't want to work. Somehow I got through it. But even when Laura said I could go to my walk at the end I felt like my legs were jelly and going to give way. Thankfully they didn't and I was soon home and ready for breakfast, nice little treat of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs :P yum I've not much planned for the next couple of days aside from doggie walks so I hope my legs get a good rest and R3 will not be such a slog.


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16 Replies

  • Well done overcoming the struggle - just remember that each past struggle will seem easier as the weeks progress. At Wk7 you're a real runner now and some times you'll be on form and some times you won't, the important thing is you're learning to deal with it.

  • Thank you, it's helpful to know I'm not alone. I realise there will be good runs and not so good ones. Just glad I managed to carry on I would have been so annoyed with myself if I'd given up x

  • Just like what I've found, easy ones and then not so good days but the important thing is if we can do it one day we can do it again!

  • Very true. I think it helped too that I'd seen peoples posts on here where it's been a tough run but they got through it one way or another. Made we want to push on and at least try x

  • Really well done! We've all had those days when the legs just don't want to play ball and it really is a struggle both mentally and physically. But you did it. You even dealt with Laura taking a coffee break! Great running and great discipline. Onward to run 3. You got this ☺☺☺

  • Thank you McFitty, getting home for my brekkie was the carrot on the stick that got me through ;) x

  • Well done mate. I have just done this run but had horrible stitches and had to stop after about 20 minutes. Really disappointed as I covered this run at the end of last week. Probably because I had some beer last night for the first time in ages and didn't drink enough water afterwards. Still, it is only a few weeks ago that I could barely run 60 seconds and sounded like an asthmatic warthog, so I am still pleased and will try again day after tomorrow

  • I had this issue last week! Was all good on the next run though :-)

  • Fingers crossed for the next one KS69, will certainly give it my best :D x

  • Thank you :-) I'm going for a crack of dawn run in the dark tomorrow morning :-/

  • Up and at 'em :D x

  • Thank you, I'm sure you'll blast it next time. I've been lucky on the stitch front so far (crosses fingers and touches window cill), but I can imagine it's a killer. You're right we've come so far over the passed few weeks, I remember the warthog well as I was like that too :o x

  • Oh dear.. some you win.. ?

    You may have been hungry even though you don't normally eat before heading out..perhaps tired and tad dehydrated too maybe? Whatever.. you went out and ran.

    Well done :)

    And.. you had my favourite breakfast! Yummy!!!! x

  • Thanks Oldfloss. Love a bit of smoked salmon :P

  • Ditto first_mate this one was really hard for me too!! Well done for pushing through though. You've proved your metal. Hope the next run is a better one!

  • Thanks ANewMe x

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