Week9R2 - Yes!

I've had so many rest days over the last couple of weeks I think it constitutes a holiday. I gave myself a kick this morning and set off to a different park/parks. I was feeling a lot better but anxious after my last 'walking dead' run.

I began my 5 minute warm up walk and then Laura told me it was time to run. I set off very slow and steady but not confident. Also isn't it funny how when you walk a route it appears flat yet when you run it, you notice every slight incline?

Anyway the slight incline lasted for about 15 minutes and I can't tell you how releived I felt when Laura told me I'd run for 15 minutes. I headed back down the now gently sloping path. Yes I was hot and sweaty but otherwise not feeling too bad. I finished the run tired but not exhausted. Strangely it was my fastest pace to date but it certainly didn't feel any faster. So good to have finished this run. Run 3 and the podium awaits!


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  • Good for you! It's good to get back out there int it πŸ˜ƒβœ”οΈπŸ‘πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

  • Ha thanks. Yes it's good to get back out there and also feel much better both during and after the run. :)

  • Good! Take care now. πŸ™‚πŸ‘βœ”οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

  • Thank you. I intend too as these old bones need plenty of rest and looking after - haha.

  • They do! My ankles are like concrete this morning πŸ™„

  • Mine too πŸ˜†xx

  • That sounds like a good run bareliz, tired but not exhausted is a win isn't itπŸ˜†..

    Good luck next time out...almost there.😊x

  • Thank you Jan. I have to admit that after my last run I wondered if I'd make it to the finishing line but now I know I will. :)

  • Wow that's fantastic!!! Well done...something I also notice is that the 5 minute walks seem to pass very quickly but when it's a running 5 mins it's yonks!!!! Your medal will be in the polishing room as we speak!! Yey!!! πŸ₯‡

  • Very true, sometimes it feels like forever until I hear laura telling me I've done another 5 mintutes! Yes nearly there for the medal, just hoping there's some celebratory wine left on the podium ;) .

  • Oh I'm sure we can all send you a virtual bottle!!!! 😜

  • Now that is an incentive!

  • Yay welcome back to form bareliz. Isn't that weird too how it was one of your fastest but you didn't know it. This running malarkey certainly tests the head and the legs. So that's a foot and a toe on the podium, me, ChunkyMonkey rolysmate polished off the first crate of wine last night, but the reorder is in and ready for you...

  • How very dare all of you! Also not sure if satnav on mapmyrun loses a bit of signal when I run through the woolly woods, which would explain the improvement.

  • Bareliz accept the compliment! You ran faster and that's the only version I am accepting... sorry about the vino though. But they promised a new lorry load soon enough!

  • Ha Ok then. My youngest said something similar before going on to add that 'non of us thought you'd get this far mum'. Cheek, now raring to go for run3 just to spite them. I may buy myself some vino as you lot will probably drink the new supplies before I can get on the podium. ;)

  • Yes safer to get your own, my stock of Podium wine is exhausted already. And yes we really do have a local wine called podium....

  • I think missing days is a tricky one. I often find anxieties build if I'm out of routine. However, as you found just getting out there proves you wrong and yes, it might not be easy but you are ready for this. Graduation awaits :)

  • Thank you and yes I kow what you mean about missing days. I had no choice though as sufferring from a combination of virus and exhaustion. I'm glad I took the extra days as now I am running much better and can look forward to my next run, instead of dreading it!

  • I agree, I hate missing days. However, I think that break makes you more determined to get out there and run. Well done. Glad you're feeling better.

  • Thank you and you know what? I think I was concentrating too much on making sure I did at least 3 runs every week instead of listening to my body and taking it at a pace that suited me. This run, after a good few rest days proved to me that sometimes it's OK to miss a run if it means you feel stronger next time. In saying that I did do my yoga for runners (haha) which helped to get the stress and soreness out of my weary bones. :)

  • Wow, just one run to go! Thats brilliant. Funny I've noticed the inclines are steeper when running tooπŸ˜‚ Enjoy the last run, nearly there now !

  • Thank you. Although I find the inclines tough, they are far more preferable to the hills were I live. And when I say hills, I mean great big stonking ones! Yes I do intend to enjoy rather than endure my last run - we'll see. :)

  • Top result, well done on what sounds top be a pretty sharp run

  • Thanks rolysmate. I needed to have a good run to spur me on to the podium - shich I've now reached!

  • Just got in from a couple of days away and trying to catch up on who's doing what and where!

  • Ha, no worries. I muchly appreciate your kind words.

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