Hi I'm new here!

Hello everyone just finished week four and a bit scared of the last segment of week 5.

Have been running in the past but after tearing muscle in back ( much better now) I am easing my way back into running which I absolutely love.

Where I live is out in the sticks so quite a few inclines which I have to conquer ,getting there but any tips would be welcome.

I'm 59 tomorrow ! So I don't think I'm doing to bad !

Anyways happy running all

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  • Well done Peggy, don't worry about week 5, just focus on the next run in front of you, nothing else, the plan Will get you there. Week 5 is all mental, count in your head or listen to podcasts, whatever works for you but get your mindset into the fact that you will have week 5 behind you very soon. 😁😁😁

  • Hi Paul46ipswich,I have started week 5 and have done R1 twice now but I am finding I don't need to that ,so Saturday I'm going to carry on to R2. It's great to get back into it and yes you are correct in saying it is all mental. Anyway working tomorrow and Friday so Saturday it will have to be.

    Hope things are cool with you ! See ya!

  • Many thanks paul46 will do. Cheers!

  • I think everyone gets a little worried by week 5, especially the last run, but honestly it's nothing to fear, if you've run before and you're following the plan you'll do it. We'll all be here cheering you on :)

  • Hello giddy aunts many thanks for your encouragement and birthday wishes for tomorrow. How far have you got or have you finished it all. I hid a park run some months ago but only one and now I would like to get back to it. I have two sponsored runs coming up May and July .So going to give it my all.

    Will let you all know how week 5 pans out.

    Many thanks😀😀

  • Hi peggy59 and you're welcome, I'm sure it will be a super day.

    I finished W6R3 last night :) so only another 3 weeks to graduate I hope.

    One thing I've learned from the forum is take it steady, stick to the program and it really is achievable.

    Good luck x

  • Wow! That's impressive well done you giddyaunts.

    You have not got long before you graduate 🎓 Anyway keep the good work up. It's really great to be able to discuss this program with like minded people. My wonderful husband who had just turned 60 in January enjoys cycling more than running although he is always ready to encourage me.

  • Oh ! Yes you're right the program is so easy to follow and is well structured. Cheers!

  • Hi giddyaunts hope all is well and you are still pounding the roads! Started R5 and all is going well so far ha! but won't count my chickens too soon! Enjoyed today's run and sad that I have work tomorrow as it is interfering with my exercise ha! 😀

  • Oh and Happy Birthday for tomorrow x

  • Hi peggy59 back. Have completed week 5 R1 have done that twice now just to be sure I can do it and holy comoly! I can. Where I live is in the sticks and quite potholey! Hilly! etc,so at times knackering.Anyways I managed it and it was great!

    Hope everyone is well and thank you for my beautiful valentines rose. Back to work tomorrow for two days then back out on Sat! Looking forward to that.

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