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Hi, I'm new here


.. And struggling with C25K programme.

A few years ago I successfully completed the programme. But at week 7 this time around, I have really been struggling for the last two-three weeks.

In particular my legs feel like dead weights almost from the beginning of each run. I manage to complete the runs but never really enjoy them or get to a moment where I'm "in the zone". I have gained weight since I ran before and - obviously - am a few years older (now 40).

I would appreciate any advice you might have about why this is happening and whether I can overcome it?


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It'll come. I didn't start to hit in-the-zone runs until after graduation. You could try changing your route. Or getting new tunes. Sometimes running just feels like a slog to me for a few weeks but afterwards I am always pleased.


The first 10 mins of any run are always the worst. It is often when I think "Why am I doing this?". Runs do get easier, maybe go back to intervals they help with stamina. Good luck


The infamous first ten minutes, running through treacle, or lead legs :) how many of us have experienced, and still do, those feelings.

As runswithdogs suggests... maybe a new route, try varying your pace... use the old mantra, slow and steady. I get a lot out of my outdoor runs, taking in sights and sounds etc, it is not for everyone, but I do take it at a pace where I can look around, and then bore folk with my posts later :)

To get me through parts of C25K, over last winter, I made up daft words to Christmas Carols, words that related to running... it kept me going through the worst of weathers!

Exercise on your rest days too, may help, swimming or cycling or Yoga, and build the runs in as a part of an exercise regime maybe...

These mojos have a habit of disappearing, when the going gets tough... I will keep my eye out for yours!

Hang in there and hopefully you will find a way to, keep on running :)


The answer may be related to why you didn't continue running after graduating the first time. What happened?

Thanks a lot for your replies - great to see them! I guess I was worried because the led leg feeling wasn't going away at all after the first 10mins like it did when I ran before. But in answer to your question Googleme, I stopped before when pregnant. Will keep on slogging!


I'm at same stage as you and a wee tip that seems to have worked for me was that I changed my route and the first ten minutes of it is ever-so-slightly downhill, hardly noticeable, but it means I find the first ten minutes as oxygen gets to my muscles, more manageable. It then takes a slight uphill round about 12 mins in, for a couple of mins, but by then I have warmed up.

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