Well, I got out again tonight, rather late and did run 3. I felt I was flagging a bit but then for some reason after I had been told to slow down and walk, I decided to carry on and did about another minute at a guess. I think I was fretting about week 5.

I felt tired in the run and yet felt I recovered between runs and afterwards a bit quicker than I have been.

It was quite a cool night but not as bad as I expected...and I do go out quite well wrapped up. Wind didn't seem as bad as forecast either and didn't really affect me.

I have also been and swam 40 lengths today and later took the bike out for a slow meander as that hasn't been out much lately and I need to get moving on it...just did a slow 7k around my local streets, not too much as I was mindful that I had decided I wanted to jog too. There seemed to be quite a few folk milling about tonight, I also saw another runner who walked bits too so I wondered if she was on C25K too.

I am exhausted now though and keep nodding so it's off up the wooden hill as my mum and dad used to say when I was a mere nipper.

Night all and happy running tomorrow for those who are....which reminds me of a question I thought of...

Ok, so we take a rest day in between runs. At what point in our running journey does it become ok to run on consecutive days???


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5 Replies

  • Running on consecutive days is OK when you're ready for it! I think you have to be a very experienced runner to "streak" though (run without rest days). I've been running for a year and started introducing consecutive days now and then - but still at least 3 days off. And if I run consecutive days I do one short run (fast intervals) and a normal run. I think once in December I ran three days consecutively, but it was very tiring and I don't think I'm ready for it yet! JoolieB1 has upped her running to 4x a week (on the bridge to 10k site) after over a year of running and that means running consecutively every other week at least.

  • I know I'm miles if not years away from being ready. I really do want and need to take it steady and don't plan on doing anything stupid...I know my aging framework needs rest and recovery in order to survive... And I'm not addicted yet as each week is a challenge and yet although I procrastinate on the day, I do sort of look forward to my next attempt...Week 5 is now looming over me.

    I just need to organise the rest of my downfalls...Diet and sleep...Working on the diet...Need to sort sleep and bed times next as I know that will help both diet and recovery from exercise.

    Feeling positive...

  • I echo JaySeeSkinny ..... the running back to back comes much later, for most folk.

    When it happens, it has, I feel to be done after a good long build up and carried out carefully.

    The joy is, there are so many other exercise routines we are able, (as you do already) to take part in :)

    I often feel like another run, the day after my run day, particularly if the run day was grotty and the rest day is sublime...but I have not done it yet :)

    I usually walk or go for a long, long bike ride... or.. when really on form.. take a picnic to the Peaks and scramble up a rock face ! :)

  • That sounds great

  • I'm the same as Oldfloss. I try to walk or cycle on my rest days. I think it's good to let your muscles recover from the runs and I like variety! As they say, it's the spice of life 😂

    Good luck for week 5.

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