Couch to 5K

Week 9 - Run 1 - Best run to date!

I never cease to amaze myself with this programme, I am not in any way taking all the credit, or trying to sound cocky, just amazed. :)

Did the first week 9 run tonight with my wife (who is really pleased I have decided to join her in runners' world :) )

I didn't set any world records or anything but I did finish the 30 mins within a gnats whisker of 5k. Another three laps of our Honda and I would have made it! ok not quite, but close.

I set off as usual far too fast, and felt I was going to pay for it later, but strangely I managed to keep the pace up, and wifey was struggling to keep up (I tied her laces together when she wasn't looking). I thought she was right behind me, oops. I always slow in the second half so I was expecting for her to catch me, which she did, nearly :) . Anyhow I won! (not that we were having a race or anything :) )

Joking apart, I feel rather amazingly fit and well tonight, and that's a nice feeling looking back just a couple of months when I felt quite the opposite. Running back from the brink indeed!

Oh, I finally noticed that 'Julie' song, it is quite annoying isn't it?

:) :) :) ;)

Happy running folks,


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Well done - only two more to go before you graduate :-) And yes I'm with you about 'Julie'...


Well done to you for... sticking with Laura's music for this long! And for a fab run too.




Well done!!! , I am on week 4 now and running 4 whole mins without dying, does not sound a lot does it but all of us on here know how much of an achievement it is when we could not run for 1 min in week 1!! I cannot wait to be on week 9 and running 5k like you, we'll down again


Congratulations :D


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