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W6R3 complete - and my first run with Laura!


So, after a week off due to being on holiday I'm back on the C2K bandwagon. I was feeling VERY apprehensive after having a full 7 days off since W6R2 and I was doubting whether I could actually do 25 mins solid after a week off. I almost re-did run 2 again but at the last minute decided to hell with it, and just try run 3 to see how far I could get.

Whilst I was getting ready, for some reason the app I usually use wouldn't work, so instead I downloaded the Laura podcast episode and hoped it'd be ok as I'm used to running to my own music. All I can say is Wow! The podcast is SO much better! I really liked that Laura kept prompting me on and telling me how far I'd got - the app I usually use only tells you when you're halfway through, and again at the end. I am definitely a Laura convert.

And as a bonus I actually did the whole 25 minutes! I can't quite believe it if I'm honest! And weirdly I kind've feel like the prompts from Laura made it easier - I'm not sure I could've done it using my usual app.

I FINALLY feel like running for 30 minutes isn't such a far away goal - yippeeee!!!!

Week 7 I'm coming for you!

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Well done! Laura is great - most of the time. I do sometimes curse the "you have five more minutes left", but the last 60 seconds can't come quick enough!


I am on week 6 just done first run this morning and I have had Laura with me every step of the way 😊 Congratulations on doing 25mins

psychicmodjoGraduate in reply to Vonnie63

Thank you 😊 best of luck for the rest of week 6 - I'm sure you'll ace it 👍


A lovely positive post, nicely illustrating the fact that you won't lose form if you have a week off, highlighting the charms of St Laura and probably exposing a total lack of critical musical discrimination on your behalf..........either that, or the fact that you are a hugely practical human being, who isn't going to be stopped by anything.

Keep running, keep smiling.

psychicmodjoGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you! I must admit Laura's choice of music isn't my cup of tea (is it anyones?!) but I felt that not having my own music actually made me concentrate on 'just running' 🏃‍♀️

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