W9R3 - just the beginning!

W9R3 - just the beginning!

Woke at 5ish this morning, and immediately thought ‘today is the day I graduate and become ‘a graduate’’! That’s a pretty damn awesome thing for little round me.

Winny was keen to get running today, and I must admit, I was too. Something was wrong though! Was it nerves? Was it the rich WI supper last night? Coughed until I was sick and then some! Quite out of breath on the 40 min warm up walk. Could have cried as I thought about maybe having to have a ‘practice run’ on my graduation day :( ! ‘Come on girl, you’ve got this’!

First 5 mins are always a killer, then ‘our Laura’ said ‘ten’, then ‘15’, then ‘20’……….then she left me! :o Damn! Mp3 player out of juice. ‘Just me and thee then Winny’, and I looked at my watch. It was 9:57 and so I needed to run until 10:07. Sheesh, could I do it without ‘our Laura’? I had an idea where I wanted to get to, so I just kept running. Past the quarry, past the railway bridge, just past everything! Anyhoo, I ran 5k! I RAN 5k!!!!!! :D !!!!! I stopped running when I got to the junction, BUT I could have carried on because my breathing was fantastic (legs were heavy but they are anyway ;) ). I felt freer somehow when she left me. I always think 'Thank God for that', when she tells me that I can stop running, but when she wasn’t there to do that, I didn’t feel as tired somehow, I didn't need to stop. I looked at my watch and it was 10:15. Ok so I didn’t run 5k in the 30, but I ran 5k in about 38! For me to be 5 stone overweight and do this is totes amazeballs :D !!!!!!!

I cannot tell you the feeling of utter elation :D ! Had a few selfies with Winny (he's spotted a rabbit !) and set off back home with a smile a mile wide!

This is the best thing I’ve done for me in a very long time and I won’t stop now. I’m hopefully going to have the confidence to do a Parkrun at Darlington on 25th March and then who knows, that may become a monthly occurrence. To anyone who has the slightest inclination to try the C25K, (as my sponsors would have me say :D ) Just Do It!!!!

I cannot praise all of my ‘virtual’ running buddies enough. I have been encouraged and motivated throughout my journey and I send massive hugs to everyone I have ‘encountered’ along the way, whichever continent you’re on. ThanQ…Dixx


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61 Replies

  • Fantastic report - congratulations, graduate! 😊😊😊

  • ThanQ RainbowC I'm pretty chuffed...xx

  • Congratulations!


    Here's to the beginning of new chapter in our lives!

  • Ooh Yah, can't wait to raise a glass of champers to us all..xxx

  • Squeeeeeeeeeee!

    I've been waiting for this😆

    As you put it - you are totes amazeballs! What a fabulous run. A 5k! You have literally done 'Couch to 5k'. You totally rock! I think I might be in love with Winnersh actually. He is super gorgeous.

    Well, mustn't dilly dally. Balloons are blown up, band is in full swing, drinks are lined up and there's cake aplenty!

    Take a bow and get thee to the podium forthwith...

    Accept your shiny badge to the roars of


    and bask in the glow that is Graduation


  • I am totes in love with Winny, he just makes my day :) !

    A graduate, yup that's me! Thank you so much for the celebration for us all! I do like a glass or three of champers...xx

  • Winnersh? Where did that come from. Of course I meant Winny☺

  • Cos you were thinking he's winner McFitty ...xx

  • A ANewMe2017 CONGRATULATIONS 🎁🎁🎁🎉🎉🎉🎉🍷🍷🍷🍷🍾🍾🍾🍾🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃 Wow, what an AMAZING achievement, what a week of achievements #graduateinwaiting no longer - you're the real deal! Walk up the podium and enjoy the celebrations. You've earned it. xx

  • ThanQ ever so CJ24 we've all done so well this week haven't we! I don't feel too shy to go on that podium you know, I may even do a little dance :o (after a few champers :D ) ...xx

  • ANewMe2017 you enjoy the celebrations, you so deserve it. xx

  • Congratulations on a stonking graduation run.

    5k and extra time to totally stuff it too.😎Totally cool.

  • Cheers ianhtf I look forward to reading your post - or have I missed it?! Hope not, I have been trying to keep an eye on everyone! 5K, Wowsers! Didn't believe it possible in W1...xx

  • Done now - finished it with a park run. We're all graduates now 👍

  • ooooooeeeeeeooooooo! Well done You...xx

  • Well done you, congratulations!! And wonderful post as well :)

  • ThanQ Tomas I really enjoy putting my feelings down in the posts, helps me to embed what I've just achieved...xx

  • Totes amazeballs, indeed.

    Well done and congratulations.

  • Sums it up doesn't it Dunder2004 ! Doggone gone and done it...xx

  • Congratulations! That was great to read! So encouring as I'm a week away from graduation myself. See you on the other side! :D

  • Ooooh yeah Minimaxi , I don't mind hanging around (as long as my glass isn't empty for long) and cheering you on. Happy to in fact :) ! Come on girl, you can do it...xx

  • That smile is indeed a mile wide! But you earned it👍 Congratulations on graduating - with a 5k aswell, that's brilliant. And now the journey starts....

  • ThanQ JaySeeSkinny :) , every journey starts with a single step, and will turn into thousands of them in the future...xx

  • Brilliant run, well done. Time to party :D x

  • Agadoo Doo Doo push pineapple shake the tree! Come on to the dance floor first_mate lets bust some moves :D ...xx

  • oo and I think the Birdie Song will be on in a minute too. Looking good ;) <3

  • What's that little sign? Is it me in a halterneck :o !...xx

  • hahaha never thought of it like that ;) normally if you type that in a chat it will change into a heart :D however not this one it seems ;)

  • Well done! Does Winny get a badge too ;-) Parkrun every month? I just checked and there's one every week in Darlington.

  • You rascal Now-runner_NeedsAttn I know there's one every week, I just can't make it to all of them! Winny surely deserves a badge doesn't he - if only I knew how to download the blooming thing we'd both have one to show off :o !...xx

  • Wow you not only did it you did the whole 5k too! and 38 minutes! Brilliant feeling isn't it! Massive congratulations!! :-D

    A big well done to Winny on graduating too :-D

    How many times are you planning to run each week going forward??

  • Thanks, congrats to you too :D ! Quite a long way off the speed obvs, but it was great to run for that length of time and for the lungs to still feel fresh. Will run on same days, might try to run farther, or quicker, I'll see what's best for me going forward. Keep running...xx

  • It was a brilliant time for your graduation run. I graduated in August and have only done 5k in 38 mins once... Well done and happy running.

  • Congratulations to BOTH of you!!! What a fantastic way to finish off the C25K... Amazing...! I wondered if you'd done your run today and how it went, and I'm delighted to hear it went so well.... How DO you manage that pace?! My next target is to speed up but - what on earth will your next target be?! :-)

  • Cheers Emmy9 :D ! Sheer tenacity I think! Next target 5k Parkrun on 25th March...xx

  • Well done to you both! The dynamic duo 😀 Congratulations 🏆

  • Yup, My Black Boy and Me have had a great time...xx

  • Oh Congratulations Di, 😊 a great Graduation run..5k you smashed it...🎉🎉🎉

    Well done to you and Winny.. 😊xxx

  • ThanQ Jan-now-runs I've been so inspired by everyone else, I just wanted to keep going :) ! Winny was still full of beans when we got back - I could barely kick his Jolly Ball (really a horse's toy, but Winny loves it), just didn't have anything else left in the old legs...xx

  • Hurraaaaaahhhh - I never doubted you would do it. Congratulations on your well deserved graduation badge!

  • You too! We are in good company aren't we, not only the graduates, but everyone else who has the will to do this for their own good!...xx

  • Brilliant report! Congratulations on your great achievement. You did it. 😀 Hey how old is Winny? Hubby and I have two Labs . Uncle and niece .Jack iwill be six in June and Myfanwy (Welsh for beloved) Myfi for short will be two also in June Wouldn't be without them! Looking forward to W9 myself. Although I'm still on week 5 R 3. Have completed it twice now on treadmill as weather has been rubbish but today will be going outside yippee!

    Once again Well done ! 🎓

  • ThanQ v much :D ! wouldn't' be without them either. They make my day! Winny was 7 on 5th Jan. It's been really fun running with him. We've also got a chocolate Labradoodle called Ozzy (4) , and a Springer called Lexi (6). Yours have really cool names :D !

    Good luck for the rest of the programme. I've completed all runs outside as don't live near a gym, and getting out in the fresh air has been great. Keep going...xx

  • I did it! Just come in from completing W5R3 so now I can move onto week six so glad! However where I live is well out in the sticks so some of my runs are up and down hill potholes galore ,farm tracks etc .but it's worth it just to live here. I don't go to gym cos nearest one is 10 miles away so waste of petrol me thinks. However I have a treadmill at home so that is my fall back should I need it.

    Your dogs names are brilliant too. It's great to have dogs as you can give them real wacky names and they won't get teased at school ha! My husband is Welsh so hence the reason for calling our dogs names although I doubt jack is Welsh,although they were both born in Monmouth not far from were we live.

    My run was good today but the the 5 minute warm down walk was longer than 5 minutes as I ran further from home ha! Never mind weather was good so it was very pleasant. 😀 😀 Big 💤 snooze now!

  • I live out in the sticks too! The hills are resistance training ;) ! I always walk for 40 mins, do the run and the it's about 30 mins back home, so out for a good bit with Winny. Congrats on a good run. Keep going...xx

  • Thanks! Looking forward to W6 now yippee! 😀 😀

  • Many congratulations, you deserve to raise that glass 😊🍾🎈🎊🏋🏻🏋🏻🏋🏻

  • ThanQ! Hee Hee think I've got Champers Drinkers elbow...hiccup...xx

  • Fanbloomingtastic 🎉🏃‍♀️ What an achievement, graduation and you ran 5k. Look at that shiny graduation badge sparkle . Onwards & onwards now xx

  • It is a cool badge isn't it! Yours suits you too! I do like a bit of bling...xx

  • It is a very cool badge & I am so chuffed that I did it. I love a bit of bling too xx

  • Make sure the dog is capable, and start small,as the dog gas to get built up too. Big boned young dogs have to grow slowly 🙂

    The breeds you just mentioned sound like running machines 😀

  • Run all day gundogs, especially the Springer! When we go walking, she goes at least 5x further than anyone else...xx

  • What a great graduation day,fantastic,well done!

  • Cheers stevy ! What week are you on?...xx

  • Congratulations :-) Well done and well deserved.

  • Oh my giddyaunts thanQ! You'll catch me up before much longer...xx

  • hi,I am only on week2 but,I am doing this for stamina-to get into running long distance.i regularly go for long walks,of 10 miles -plus;especially with my daughters dog,Jemima.i occasionally have short burst runs to stop her chasing rabbits.i want to get into running to start raising money for the charity,Vasculitis UK. My wife has the systemic type of vasculitis which is incurable.

  • That's a great motivator for a fantastic cause! Keep running...xx

  • Thanks for your encouragement.i over- did it abit after the last 2runs back to back.Which was a bit daft on my part; still am eager toget out today for the run,on the path by the river Deben- great views.Thanks again ....Stevy.

  • Well done to you any Winny. You will continue to amaze yourself. I hope that you enjoy Parkrun. It is usually very friendly and it is amazing how well you can do when running with others. You have done amazingly well and should feel proud.

    You can do this🐢👣🏃🏿

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