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Just did week 6 run 3 I was not as worried as I was for W5R3 and thought if I can do that I can do this ! I kept going although the 25 mins seemed endless, at the end when I was really tired It was nice to hear Laura say 'I am now officially a runner' !! I cannot match the euphoria I felt last week when I ran 20 mins but still very happy and anyone wondering if they can do it trust me I am 54 if I can do it you can! Laura really does prepare you well !

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Did you mean W6R3? :-D Well done! That was my favourite run so far and all you have to do is repeat that 25 minutes three more times and you'll be at the end of Week 7! I'm part way through Week 7 and am enjoying the consolidation aspect of it without any pushing myself even further for a week. :-)


Yes silly me that was run 3 I enjoyed 20 mins more but think that was the euphoria I am looking forward to consolidating this run and hopefully finding it easier !


How stupid of me that was W6R3 so onto week 7 for me !!


Brilliant! Well done you! :-) :-)


Great to hear! I felt the same. Did you feel a little lost when Laura almost disappeared from 5 minutes to 12.5 and then to 20 minutes? I was hoping for 5 minute interval updates! And yes, not as much euphoria as last week but we are now runners! Yay! Xxx

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I didn't notice the time at all but was hoping for 5 minute interval encouragement ! When I realised I was 'alone' I decided how many songs I would have to hear before the time would be up ! That certainly helped me through it. I checked the distance of mine and the actual run was 2 miles , I really can't believe I can do it !! Here's to week 7 x


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